Morgan Stanley Investment Funds
Fund Guide & Performance Report
MS INVF Dividend Distribution Report
As Of 20-Apr-2022
MS INVF Folleto de Fichas Mensuales
As Of 31-Mar-2022
MS INVF Fund Guide
As Of 31-Mar-2022
MS INVF Holiday Calendar 2022
As Of 01-Jan-2022
Shareholder Q&A on MS INVF Anti-Dilution Measures
As Of 06-Dec-2021
MS INVF Articles of Incorporation
As Of 16-Dec-2015
Morgan Stanley Investment Management
MSIM Fund Management (Ireland) Limited (The Company) Remuneration Policy
As Of 01-Oct-2021
MSIM Fund Management (Ireland) Limited, Luxembourg Branch ("the branch") Complaint Resolution Procedure
As Of 15-Jun-2021
Morgan Stanley Investment Funds
Restriction Screening Policy for MS INVF Global Brands, Global Brands Equity Income, Global Quality
Restriction Screening Policy for Counterpoint Global
Restriction Screening and ESG Policy for MS INVF Global Asset Backed Securities
Restriction Screening & ESG Policy for MS INVF Emerging Markets Debt & Emerging Markets Domestic Debt
Restriction Screening and ESG Policy for Article 9 Funds
Restriction Screening and ESG Policy for Article 8 Funds
MS INVF InFocus: October 2021
Morgan Stanley Investment Funds
Fund Information
Key Investor Information
Key Investor Information Document
Fund Processing Passport
Morgan Stanley Investment Funds
Financial Report
MS INVF Annual Report
As Of 31-Dec-2021
MS INVF Semi-Annual Report
As Of 30-Jun-2021
MS INVF Prospectus
As Of 05-May-2022
MS INVF Sub-Adviser List
As Of 31-Dec-2021
Morgan Stanley Investment Funds
Forms And Applications
MS INVF Application Form
As Of 30-Sep-2021
MS INVF Application e-Form
As Of 30-Sep-2021
MS INVF Conversion Form
As Of 16-Apr-2021
MS INVF Conversion e-Form
As Of 16-Apr-2021
MS INVF Redemption Form
As Of 16-Apr-2021
MS INVF Redemption e-Form
As Of 16-Apr-2021
MS INVF Subscription Form
As Of 30-Sep-2021
MS INVF Subscription e-Form
As Of 30-Sep-2021

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