Press Release
novembre 17, 2023

Alliance Technical Group Builds Nationwide Environmental Laboratory Network, Expanding Comprehensive Services


Press Release

Alliance Technical Group Builds Nationwide Environmental Laboratory Network, Expanding Comprehensive Services

Alliance Technical Group Builds Nationwide Environmental Laboratory Network, Expanding Comprehensive Services

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novembre 17, 2023


DECATUR, AL., November 17, 2023

Alliance Technical Group (Alliance), a global leader in environmental compliance services, is pleased to announce the successful acquisitions of four environmental laboratories across the United States. This marks the next milestone in Alliance's mission to provide comprehensive environmental solutions to its customer base.

"The laboratory acquisitions are a significant adjacency for Alliance. We originated as a regional stack testing company, but we've made tremendous strides over the last few years to expand our geographic footprint and service offerings to include LDAR, CEMS, environmental consulting, and software," said Premal Vora, Chief Strategy Officer. “These acquisitions also represent an expansion beyond air testing into different media including water, hazardous waste, and soil."

The acquired environmental laboratories include:

Summit Environmental Technologies, Inc., Cuyahoga Falls, OH: Summit serves a broad, national customer base which includes manufacturing facilities, waste disposal, paper mills, and wastewater. The laboratory holds more than 30 regulatory certifications for hundreds of analytical parameters, including PFAS, RadChem, drinking water, soil, wastewater, groundwater, hazardous waste, and air.

Fremont Analytical, Inc., Seattle, WA: Fremont serves the Pacific Northwest with various organic and inorganic analyses for soil, water, hazardous waste, and air. The laboratory holds TNI accreditation in Oregon and separate accreditations from Washington and Alaska state agencies. It specializes in remediation, hazardous waste, and stormwater.

Orange Coast Analytical, Los Angeles, CA and Phoenix, AZ: Orange Coast, accredited in CA and AZ, is an environmental testing laboratory with a skilled team of chemists, biologists, and engineers. Orange Coast offers analytical services for soil, non-potable water, wastewater, stormwater, hazardous waste, and groundwater.

CHESTER LabNet, Portland, OR: Chester LabNet has an international reach in support of stack testing and ambient air analytical projects. Their Oregon TNI accreditation covers a suite of inorganic analyses with a particular specialty in hex-chrome analysis and XRF elemental identification.

“At the outset of our investment, we identified environmental labs as an attractive adjacent service line where customers were asking the company to expand. We are proud of the progress that Chris LeMay and the Alliance team have made in the company’s national environmental lab buildout strategy. These acquisitions have enabled the company to expand its service offerings and are a testament to Alliance’s mission to always serve the customer better. The growth in this segment since our investment has been significant, and we look forward to continuing to support similar strategic priorities and growth initiatives,” said Morgan Stanley Capital Partners’ Eric Kanter, Managing Director.

"Incorporating multi-media analytical services into our end-to-end suite of solutions was essential to further grow as partners with our highly diverse customer base," said Chris LeMay, Chief Executive Officer. "It was also key to add technical capabilities and accreditations, such as PFAS and XRF, to better support Alliance’s national leading environmental testing and monitoring services. Our platform of laboratories overlays with our existing geographic footprint to provide deep experience and coverage for the highest priority needs of our customers."

About Alliance Technical Group:

Alliance Technical Group (Alliance), headquartered in Decatur, AL, is an environmental testing, data, and analytics company helping our customers achieve their environmental goals. With more than 1,300 specialists located in over 40 offices nationwide, Alliance provides premier technical solutions to support the full spectrum of our customers' environmental needs. Alliance addresses our customers' needs across multiple service lines ― Stack Testing, Leak Detection and Repair, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems, Analytical & Laboratory Services, Ambient Air Monitoring, Software and Technology, and Environmental Consulting – while providing innovative technological solutions that reduce risk and help ensure compliance.

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