Sustainable Investing

Our Approach

We view our approach to ESG as a journey that is guided by the needs of our clients, over four decades of active investing expertise and a team of highly experienced investment managers.

We recognize that there are numerous ways to incorporate material environmental, social and governance issues into the investment process. We provide our investment teams with the flexibility to adopt those that best suit the strategies they manage and that allow them to generate attractive returns for our clients.

At the same time, we promote a set of shared principles to guide our collective ESG effort:

Clients First

Relevant Issues

Being Good
Stewards of Capital

Seeking Good

Leadership in Sustainability

Investment Management
Sustainability Council

The council drives Morgan Stanley Investment Management's effort to promote an overall framework for integrating environmental, social, governance and sustainability standards into investment processes, product development, engagement and reporting.

Investment Management
Global Stewardship Team

The Global Stewardship team is a group of dedicated ESG professionals that oversees proxy voting and supports investment teams in ESG analysis, engagement, and overall integration efforts.

Morgan Stanley Institute
for Sustainable Investing

The Institute is dedicated to accelerating the adoption of sustainable investing by partnering across the firm to foster innovation, help develop the next generation of sustainable investing leaders and generate insights that inform and empower investors.


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Holistic and Responsible Investing in a Rapidly Changing World
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Health Care
August 30, 2019
Marcus Watson discusses how innovative health care companies can use science and technology to address health needs within communities.

Morgan Stanley's Involvement