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EDGE  •  09-août-2023

Disruptive Change Research 

Counterpoint Global
Counterpoint Global looks back across almost two decades of dedicated research on disruption—and the ways it reinforces our long-term mindset, helps us manage risk and reduce errors of omission. Diving into studies of digital advertising, cloud computing and the approaching wave of AI, the team reviews both how we approach disruptive change research and how that research has benefited Counterpoint Global in capitalizing on unique investment opportunities.

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EDGE  •  27-juil.-2022


Counterpoint Global
Psychedelics have the potential to fundamentally reshape how we think about and treat not only mental illness but a host of other conditions as well. Counterpoint Global investigates how psychedelic therapy works, the potential wide-spread impact of this innovative treatment, and the roadblocks to medical adoption.

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EDGE  •  27-déc.-2021


Counterpoint Global
After decades of development in garages and hobby shops, small drones are finally ready to make an impact in the enterprise. We discuss the evolution of enterprise drones and how the technology could disrupt small package delivery and aerial data collection. We also discuss the regulatory and societal challenges facing the enterprise drone industry today and highlight recent progress towards overcoming those challenges.

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EDGE  •  19-oct.-2020

Quantum Computing 

Counterpoint Global
Quantum computers store and process information using the quantum mechanical properties of matter. Counterpoint Global investigates the impact this new hardware could have on processing speeds and its potential to tackle previously unsolvable computing problems.

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EDGE  •  15-mai-2018


Counterpoint Global
Counterpoint Global examines Blockchain, the technology behind it and its potentially disruptive power.

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Counterpoint Global consists of 56 people, including 32 investors, four disruptive change researchers, two consilient researchers and two sustainability researchers. Counterpoint Global’s culture fosters collaboration, creativity, continued development, and differentiated thinking.

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