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Opportunity Optimum
février 07, 2024

The India Opportunity

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février 07, 2024

The India Opportunity

Opportunity Optimum

The India Opportunity

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février 07, 2024


Opportunity Optimum discusses how and where we are finding the best investments around the world.


We believe India’s growing population and young demographic, and its efforts to build digital, regulatory, financial and physical infrastructure over the last decade, will pave the way for growth acceleration over the next decade. This will have significant implications for India’s share of the global economy and equity markets.

India is home to a disproportionate number of high-quality companies yet remains underrepresented by equity indices.  Therefore, we see a significant opportunity for bottom-up stock picking, by owning businesses with strong balance sheets, robust growth and improving profitability.

Key highlights:

  • India is underrepresented by equity indices
  • Infrastructure for growth acceleration was built over the last decade
  • Broadening opportunity set for bottom-up stock picking in India
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