We translate macro-thematic research and fundamental bottom-up analysis into a growth-oriented portfolio.

The Emerging Markets Equity Team, part of our Active Fundamental Equity capability, bases its investment philosophy on proprietary research that shows how both country-level and stock-specific factors can drive risks and returns in emerging markets. To add value, the team seeks to integrate top-down country allocation and bottom-up stock selection with a growth bias. The team consists of portfolio managers and research analysts based in New York and Singapore as well as research analysts and portfolio advisors located in Mumbai. The team believes that their extensive collective investment experience over the course of various market cycles enables better investment decisions and can help generate attractive long-term returns.

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Client Portfolio Managers
Invests in the China A-share companies that have a sustainable growth profile and a high or increasing return potential.  
Invests in leading companies operating in emerging markets positioned to potentially benefit from future drivers of growth.  
Invests in emerging market equities with a growth bias, seeking attractive long-term, risk-adjusted returns.  
Invests in Saudi Arabia listed equities and initial public offerings with the goal of long-term capital appreciation.  
Invests in Indian equities with a growth bias, seeking to deliver long-term, risk-adjusted returns.  
Invests in growth-oriented equity securities in overlooked frontier and emerging markets that are in the early stages of the digital revolution.  
Invests in emerging markets equities which are thematically aligned towards sustainability and a growth bias, seeking attractive long-term, risk-adjusted returns.  
Invests primarily in equity securities of non-U.S. issuers with the goal of long-term capital appreciation.  

As of 12/22/2021. Team information may change from time to time.

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Please refer to the strategy detail page for important information on the strategy, including additional risk considerations.


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