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Global Equity Observer  •  08-Dec-2020

A Value Rally Ahead? Looking in the Rear-View Mirror 

Nic Sochovsky, Dirk Hoffmann-Becking
After the extraordinary rally in growth stocks over the summer, is the market poised for a value rally? And what does that mean for quality portfolios? The International Equity team evaluates.

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Global Equity Observer  •  19-Oct-2020

Resilient Compounders: Worth Every Penny 

William Lock, Bruno Paulson
The International Equity Team’s three global strategies, on average, have earnings that are flat year to date, versus a 15% fall for the MSCI World Index as a whole. Bruno Paulson muses why high quality compounders don’t command a larger premium.

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Global Equity Observer  •  23-Sep-2020

Health care in a pandemic 

Marcus Watson
The current crisis has tested conventional wisdom, including what to expect of health care companies. Marcus Watson examines the sector’s resilience in the face of a global pandemic.

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Global Equity Observer  •  16-Jul-2020

Paying Up  

Dirk Hoffmann-Becking, Alex Gabriele
The payments industry is emerging as one of the most attractive parts of the Fintech world. The International Equity Team explains.

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Global Equity Observer  •  12-Jun-2020

Unlocking the Future – The Post-COVID World 

William Lock, Bruno Paulson
As lockdown measures ease, the International Equity Team considers how the global pandemic has demonstrated the importance of a digital presence for companies.

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Global Equity Observer  •  15-May-2020

The COVID-19 Accelerator 

Dirk Hoffmann-Becking, Nic Sochovsky
Will COVID-19 be a great accelerator of existing forces and trends? The International Equity team explores.

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Global Equity Observer  •  31-Mar-2020

In Search of Resilience 

William Lock, Bruno Paulson
In unprecedented times, resilience is essential. How can investors build a resilient portfolio in tough times? Bruno Paulson explains.

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Global Equity Observer  •  17-Mar-2020

Financing Climate Change 

William Lock, Bruno Paulson, Dirk Hoffmann-Becking
Banking regulation may force the economy to shift towards a less carbon intensive model more quickly than expected. The International Equity Team discusses.

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Global Equity Observer  •  31-Jan-2020

The Second Mountain 

Laura Bottega, Bruno Paulson
Today’s environmental and social issues offer businesses ample opportunity to focus on purpose as well as profit.

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Global Equity Observer  •  31-Dec-2019

Between Scylla and Charybdis  

William Lock, Bruno Paulson
How a quality bias helps investors steer between the twin perils of recession and inflation.

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Global Equity Observer  •  27-Sep-2019

Compounding in Health Care 

Marcus Watson
Where can you find high quality investments in the health care sector? Marcus Watson from our International Equity Team shares his views.

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