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Navigating the New StockPlan Connect Tax Resources Center

Upon logging into StockPlan Connect, you can access the Tax Resources Center by clicking on the link in the global header or navigating to the “Tax Resources” tab within the “Help” section of the site. To be taken directly to the Tax Resources Center, you may also click here and enter your StockPlan Connect login credentials.

There is a host of information — ranging from a consolidated guide and brief video to an overview of the documents needed to file returns — to help you prepare for tax season.

The Tax Resources Center is organized into six sections:

  1. Getting Started

    “Getting Started” provides a general overview of the Tax Resources Center, as well as links to the “Year-End Tax Guide” and “Tax Season Support” video. These quick reference materials may help you figure out how to report your stock plan transactions. You can also access the “Year-End Tax Guide” from the header banner, available at the top of each of the six tabs.

    Getting started
  2. Documents You Will need

    From the “Documents You Will Need” section, you can download a .zip file of your tax documents, which you can then print. These documents may include Form 1099-B(s) or 1042(s), Trade Confirmations, and/or Statements. You are able to select which documents you would like to print when creating your tax package.

    This section also links directly to the Tax Documents section of your Document library, where your tax documents will be posted no later than February 15, 2016 if you are enrolledin eDelivery. To enroll in eDelivery, go to the Profile drop-down menu in the upper left hand corner of StockPlan Connect, select eDelivery, and set and save your preferences. For more information on eDelivery, click here.

    Documents you will need
  3. Understanding Cost Basis

    “Understanding Cost Basis” features FAQs that review what Cost Basis is and how it is reported on your Form 1099-B(s).

    From here you can access the “Gain/Loss” section of your StockPlan Connect account to view your Realized Gain/Loss information if you have sold shares from a restricted award or employee stock purchase plan in the past year.

    Understanding Cost Basis
  4. Using TurboTax

    StockPlan Connect is compatible with the third party tax software, TurboTax. You can download Form 1099(s) for your equity plan-related transactions directly to TurboTax to help simplify and streamline your tax reporting process. There are helpful FAQs for using this available software.

    Using TurboTax
  5. Non-U.S. Taxpayers: Considerations

    If you are a non-U.S. taxpayer, be sure to review the FAQs in this section to determine which information and collateral available in the Tax Resources Center is relevant to you. You may need to check with your local tax advisor or government website to understand the tax requirements for your specific location or plan.

    Non-U.S. Taxpayers: Considerations
  6. Additional Resources

    Still have questions? You might find the answers already available in the “Additional Resources” section. If you still need to speak to a Service Center representative, you will find the contact information for Morgan Stanley’s Tax Reporting Service Center here, as well. Please note that the Service Center offers extended hours through the end of tax season.

    Additional Resources
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