Promise and the Profit in the
Next India

June 2014
The "Next India" may present major equity opportunities for investors, according to a research report series from Morgan Stanley on the country's future.



The Downfall of DOMA:
A Year Later

June 2014
A year after DOMA's demise, the LGBT community has benefited from changing state laws. The challenge for everyone is to stay current. Morgan Stanley's Financial Advisors are working with same-sex couples to help create the best wealth management plan for these clients' needs.



Book Highlights Research Founder’s Forward Thinking

April 2014
The writings of Barton Biggs, Morgan Stanley’s former chief global strategist and founder of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, enlightened clients of the firm with spot-on predictions for decades. A new book showcases his incredible ability to foresee market-moving events.


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Morgan Stanley is committed to integrating sustainability into our core business activities – through our work with clients and partners, and in our communities.
For nearly 40 years, Morgan Stanley has invested in pediatric care, helping children get the healthy start they need in life.

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