Lower but Longer Growth
in a Two-Speed World

September 2014
Morgan Stanley research analysts update their global growth forecasts and key investment ideas for the next six to twelve months, noting that an "out-of-sync" world could make the current period of economic expansion the longest on record.



Rising Demand for Solar Power &
Energy Storage

July 2014
Morgan Stanley research analysts share their insights on drivers for solar demand and adoption through 2020, from the improving economics to the policy decisions and advances in energy storage technology.



Bonds, Rates and Mexican Real Estate

July 2014
The latest edition of our biannual Morgan Stanley Investment Management Journal looks at fixed income strategies in a time of change for bonds; tests a relationship between interest rates and capitalization rates; and assesses investment opportunities in Mexican real estate.


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Morgan Stanley is committed to integrating sustainability into our core business activities – through our work with clients and partners, and in our communities.
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