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Tales From the Emerging World  •  May 24, 2023

Brazil at a Turning Point 

Paul Psaila, Uday Tharar
Brazil’s president Lula has unveiled ambitious spending plans to appease his supporters, but we believe he will moderate his tone and embrace responsible economic policies to manage the fiscal policy and allow the central bank to start cutting rates.

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Tales From the Emerging World  •  May 03, 2023

Reshaping Businesses Through a Circular Economy 

Eric Carlson, Candy Chao
Businesses are pushing for sustainable practices to reduce both environmental risks and operating costs, as they anticipate evolving consumer preferences and potential regulatory changes. The adoption of a circular practice shifts to a mindset of “reduce, reuse and recycle” from the “take-make-waste” model which has created a glut of waste and increasing environmental costs. Eric Carlson and Candy Chao explore.

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Tales From the Emerging World  •  Mar 23, 2023

Untangling Supply Chain Linkages 

Jitania Kandhari, Saumya Jain
Post-pandemic, untangling global supply chains through reshoring, friend-shoring and nearshoring has created opportunities for emerging markets like India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Mexico. Jitania Kandhari and Saumya Jain of the Emerging Markets Equity Team explain.

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Tales From the Emerging World  •  Nov 22, 2022

Mining for a Greener Future 

Eric Carlson, Candy Chao
Mining companies have had a terrible environmental reputation in the past, but recent efforts show how the industry can implement sustainable initiatives. Investors are now focusing on companies that have practical decarbonization pathways to help lower emissions over the next three to five years. Eric Carlson and Candy Chao explore.

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Tales From the Emerging World  •  Nov 09, 2022

Vietnam's Emerging Consumer Class 

Steven Quattry
Vietnam’s large, young and tech-savvy middle class, makes it one of a few countries to benefit from globalizing in a deglobalizing world and usher in the next generation of investments in emerging markets. Steve Quattry and Jorge Chirino explain.

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Tales From the Emerging World  •  Sep 29, 2022

Brazil: Restoring the Fiscal Anchor Is Key 

Eric Carlson, Jitania Kandhari, Eduardo Wisbrun
The Achilles heel of Brazil is its fiscal situation. Once past this inflation cycle, Brazil’s economy should grow based on private sector investment, thriving agricultural and commodity sectors and a credible central bank. But restoring the fiscal anchor will be the primary economic challenge for the upcoming administration.

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Tales From the Emerging World  •  Aug 02, 2022

Emerging India in a Multipolar World 

Jitania Kandhari, Amay Hattangadi
In India, there has been a recent change from the Gandhian principles of small is beautiful to actively incentivizing large scale manufacturing. Coupled with a healthy banking sector and high demand for housing, the stage is set for Delhi to move forward with an opportunity to shine.

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Tales From the Emerging World  •  Jun 23, 2022

Saudi Arabia, More Than Just an Oil Story  

Najmul Hasnain
Saudi Arabia is in the midst of an ambitious and transformative program of social and economic reforms designed to wean the economy off its dependence on the oil sector. Najmul Hasnain, Head of the Saudi Arabia Equity Team, explores.

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Tales From the Emerging World  •  Jun 02, 2022

The Nuclear Revival 

Candy Chao, Steven Quattry
Climate concerns and geopolitical events will revive policy makers support for nuclear power: a safe, reliable and carbon-free source of energy. Steven Quattry, Candy Chao and Jorge Chirinos of the Emerging Markets Equity team explain.

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