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Macro Insight
Consider High Yield, Emerging Market Debt
Macro Insight
What No One Told You About Passive Investing

We know the value of active management in today's market.

MS INVF Global Brands Equity Income Fund
Fund Detail
Class Z
ISIN: LU1378880170

Global Brands Equity Income Fund

Investment Idea
Income, the Right Way

Our time-tested Global Brands investment process with enhanced income.

Macro Insight
Building a Better Global Equity Income Strategy

Bruno Paulson discusses how high-quality companies have the potential to provide reliable income without sacrificing capital growth.

Market Outlook
Taking Stock
Playing the yin and yang of the risk-off/risk-on trade no longer seems to work. The International Equity Team explains why short-term price volatility may offer potential long-term opportunities.
MS INVF Global Fixed Income Opportunities Fund
Class Z
ISIN: LU0694239061
34.99 USD
  Share Class - Z

144 EAA Fund Global Flexible Bond - 30-Sep-2017

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. For complete information click here.

Investment Insight
Outlook and Review of Global Fixed Income Opportunities
Jim Caron reviews the first half of 2017 and offers his insights into how the active management style of the Global Fixed Income Opportunities fund can take advantage of trends in the second half of the year.
Investment Insight
What Could Break the Calm in the Markets?
The team discusses current monetary policy, the impending end of its accommodative stance and the role of central banks in this environment.
Team Profile
Global Fixed Income Team
The Global Fixed Income team follows a seamless process with a global outlook. They seek to identify and capture the potential value in situations where the market's implied forecasts are extreme.
MS INVF Global Opportunity Fund
Class Z
ISIN: LU0552385535
70.45 USD
  Share Class - Z

614 EAA Fund Global Large-Cap Growth Equity - 30-Sep-2017

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. For complete information click here.

Investment Insight
Fishing for Stocks in China
Our location in Hong Kong gives us a unique perspective on the risks and opportunities of investing in China, a market we believe is ripe with opportunity for bottom-up stock picking, particularly in the consumer, internet, healthcare and education industries.
Investment Insight
Global Opportunity: Behind the Scenes with Kristian Heugh
Kristian Heugh defines the key differentiators and core values of his team’s investment process, focusing on competitive advantage and quality companies able to create value through growth.
Sustainability Insight
ESG and the Sustainability of Competitive Advantage
ESG factors are integral to assessing the quality of a company. A holistic approach to sustainability may help minimize risk events and identify opportunities characterized by competitive advantages.

In-depth Market Research

Macro Insight
I Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me
Aug 17, 2017
Data privacy and security, within the Social pillar of ESG concerns, can translate into tangible value as the fast-evolving cyber-environment disrupts industries and creates opportunities worldwide.
Investment Insight
The EDGE: Autonomous Vehicles
Aug 31, 2017
The Growth Team researches autonomous vehicles, which are rapidly progressing from the realm of science fiction to reality and could change our conception of personal transportation.
Investment Insight
Infrastructure Investing and the Shifting Macro Environment
As the start of 2017, the Global Listed Real Assets team took this opportunity to explore the impact of the evolving geopolitical landscape on infrastructure in the U.S.

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