Macro Insight
Both Sides: Disruptive Power of Energy Efficiency
Investment Insight
MSIM’s Dennis Lynch featured in Business Insider
MS INVF Global Brands Equity Income Fund
Fund Detail
Class Z
ISIN: LU1378880170

Global Brands Equity Income Fund


Investment Insight
The End of the World As We Know It?
Market environments always change, sometimes violently. The International Equity Team asks: is this the end of the world as we know it?
Macro Insight
Quality Companies in Today’s Market Environment
Bruno Paulson explains why consumer staples performance is more about earnings than interest rates.
Global Equity Observer
The Risk of Losing Money
Don’t lose money – the International Equity Team explains how investing in high quality mitigates this fundamental risk.
MS INVF Global Fixed Income Opportunities Fund
Class Z
ISIN: LU0694239061
  Share Class - Z

191 EAA Fund Global Flexible Bond - 31-Aug-2018

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Investment Insight
Review/Outlook: Global Fixed Income Opportunities
Jim Caron provides his review of the second quarter of 2018 and his outlook on market opportunities.
Macro Insight
The Macro Trends Which Matter
The Global Fixed Income team discusses how U.S. assets and the USD have driven performance year-to-date, but how some key macro trends are expected to drive performance for the rest of the year.
Team Profile
Global Fixed Income Team
The Global Fixed Income team follows a seamless process with a global outlook. They seek to identify and capture the potential value in situations where the market's implied forecasts are extreme.
MS INVF Global Opportunity Fund
Class Z
ISIN: LU0552385535
  Share Class - Z

703 EAA Fund Global Large-Cap Growth Equity - 31-Aug-2018

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Media Appearance
Sticking with Asian Stocks Thanks to Warren Buffett
Kristian Heugh tells Bloomberg why he and his team remain steadfast on the opportunities for bottom-up stock pickers in Asia.
Investment Insight
Fishing for Stocks in China
Our location in Hong Kong gives us a unique perspective on the risks and opportunities of investing in China, a market we believe is ripe with opportunity for bottom-up stock picking, particularly in the consumer, internet, healthcare and education industries.
Sustainability Insight
ESG and the Sustainability of Competitive Advantage
ESG factors are integral to assessing the quality of a company. A holistic approach to sustainability may help minimize risk events and identify opportunities characterized by competitive advantages.

In-depth Market Research

Global Fixed Income Insights
Emerging Markets: Don't Judge a Book by its Aggregates
May 21, 2018
The Emerging Markets Debt Team addresses some of economist Carmen Reinhart's recent statements as well as other popular misconceptions about emerging markets.
Investment Insight
The EDGE: Blockchain
May 15, 2018
The Growth Team examines Blockchain, the technology behind cryptocurrencies and its potential disruptive power.
Macro Insight
Opportunities in A-shares
MSCI’s inclusion of China A-shares into global indices will likely boost investor focus. The Global Emerging Markets Team discusses opportunities in this vast and largely uncharted portion of China’s complex markets.

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