The Emerging Markets Debt team looks for opportunities across a vast and differentiated investing universe, sourcing ideas from the broadest possible opportunity set. The team focuses its research in countries exhibiting structural change, taking active positions only when they believe risk factors are adequately compensated. By embracing a local focus, the team takes advantage of logistical challenges to bring measurable results that can add alpha to client portfolios.

Invests across the credit spectrum of emerging market corporate issuers, seeking to identify undervalued emerging markets corporate debt securities.  
Invests in a range of sovereign, quasi-sovereign and corporate debt securities from emerging markets denominated in emerging market and/or non-U.S. currencies.  
Provides access to the full spectrum of emerging markets fixed income with exposure to external, domestic and corporate debt.  
Invests in a mix of sovereign, quasi-sovereign and corporate debt securities from emerging markets, primarily denominated in U.S. dollars.  

As of As of 5/31/2022 Team information may change from time to time.

There are important differences in how the strategy is carried out in each of the investment vehicles.

All investing involves risks, including a loss of principal. 

Please refer to the strategy detail page for important information on the strategy, including additional risk considerations.


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