Janalakshmi Financial Services
Janalakshmi Financial Services is one of India’s leading urban-focused microfinance companies. Founded in 2008, Janalakshmi is a non-banking financial services company, which provides micro-loans of $300-$700 for a 12-24 month tenure to the urban poor, under a joint liability group model. The Company also offers other products to cater to the needs of the urban segment, including savings, pension, insurance products as well as small enterprise loans.
 Feihe International
Feihe is a leading regional infant milk formula producer and distributor in North and Northeast China. Founded in 1962 and headquartered in Beijing, Feihe has over 200 company-owned milk collection stations, six production facilities with an aggregate milk powder production capacity of approximately 2,020 tons per day and an extensive distribution network that reaches over 100,000 retail outlets throughout China.
 SsangYong C&B and Monalisa Group acquisition
Ssangyong C&B, Monalisa Seoul, Monalisa Daejeon and three supporting ancillary companies (collectively the "Group") together comprise Korea's largest tissue products manufacturer in terms of both production capacity and sales volume. The Group focuses on the production and sale of bathroom tissues, facial tissues, kitchen towels, wet tissues, and diapers. The Group has consistently maintained market share of approximately 28% over the last 10 years and owns some of the best-known sanitary paper brands including "Monalisa", "CODI", and "Bellagio".
 Beijing Hi-24 Convenience Stores
Hi-24 is the leading convenience store ("CVS") operator in Beijing with the largest store count and over 10 years of operational experience. It commands ~30% of the market with about 200 stores in total as of September 2012.
 Tianhe Chemicals Group
Established in 1992 in Jinzhou, Liaoning Province, Tianhe Chemicals Group ("Tianhe" or the "Company") is China's largest producer of lubricant oil additives and a leading global producer of specialty fluorochemicals. Tianhe's lubricant oil additives provide key chemical functionality such as friction reduction, cleansing and heat dissipation to motor oil and other finished lubricants. The Company also produces high-end specialty fluorochemicals that have a wide range of applications in repellency, surfactants and solvents.
Nolboo is the largest and most widely recognized Korean cuisine franchise operator in Korea with a network of 662 franchise stores and 17 directly owned stores as of December 2011. Approximately 120,000 customers visit Nolboo's stores each day and over 6,000 people are employed by Nolboo and its franchise stores.
CreditEase is the first and largest person-to-person (P2P) microfinance service provider in China. The Company serves as an intermediary platform by connecting urban lenders with surplus funds looking for fixed income investment returns with creditworthy borrowers seeking access to credit. CreditEase has a nationwide distribution network across 40 cities, and over 5,500 in-house sales staff, one of the largest sales teams among independent financial services providers in China.
 China XD Plastics
Founded in 1985, China XD Plastics is engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of modified plastics primarily for automotive applications, and is the one of the largest domestic players in China. Key products categories include modified polypropylene, modified acrylonitrile bustadiene styrene, modified polyamides (nylon), alloy and environment-friendly plastics.
 Yongye International
Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Beijing, Yongye International is a leading branded crop nutrient company in China. Yongye's liquid crop nutrient product is composed of high quality fulvic acid base and various nutrients that can supplement the absorption of fertilizer and soil minerals, improve crop yield, stimulate root growth, reduce chemical fertilizer/pesticide residue, and enhance crops' natural resistance to diseases and pests.
 Buchang Pharmaceutical
Founded in 1993 and currently headquartered in Shandong Province, Buchang Pharmaceutical Company is a leading non-SOE pharmaceutical company in China that engages in the research & development, production and distribution of traditional Chinese medicines, with the number one market share in the area of cardiovascular disease.
 Sparkle Roll Group Limited
Sparkle Roll Group Limited is a leading distributor of top-tier luxury brand products in China, targeting the fast-growing population of ultra high net worth individuals in the country. A diversified yet synergic product and brand portfolio, together with a proven track record over the past 8 years, position the company well to capitalize on the rapid growth of China’s luxury goods market, as well as to fully monetize its growing customer base through cross-selling opportunities.
 Tongkun Group
Established in 1981 in Zhejiang Province, China, Tongkun Group ("the Company" or "Tongkun") is the largest polyester filament producer in the world with annual polyester filament capacity of 1.38 million tons by the end of 2009. The Company also owns annual polymerization capacity of 1.25 million tons, ranking 6th in the world.
Sihuan Pharmaceutical (the "Company" or "Sihuan") is engaged in the research and development, manufacture, marketing and sales of pharmaceutical drugs in China. The Company was founded in 2001 by Drs. Che Fengsheng and Guo Weicheng, both previously practicing surgeons. Sihuan primarily focuses on the cardiocerebral vascular disease (CVD) segment, which is the third largest therapeutic area in China, and the primary expertise area of the Company’s founders.
Biotor is the world's largest producer of castor oil and derivatives with a 35% market share.  The Company is leveraging its extensive networks within the castor farming community to aggressively pursue contract farming. The Company has well established relationships with large companies including Shell and Exxon Mobil amongst others.
Headquartered in Taipei, Chinatrust Financial Holding Company is the 5th largest listed financial institution in Taiwan by market capitalization (US$2.5 billion), and is the largest private sector bank (without any significant Taiwan government-related shareholders) by assets (US$53 billion).
 Jeonju Paper
Jeonju Paper is Korea's largest manufacturer of newsprint and specialized paper and the largest exporter of newsprint in Asia. The Company is Korea’s most dominant provider of newsprint with over 46% domestic market share, one of the largest and most cost efficient producers of newsprint in the world.
Shanshui is currently the 3rd-largest cement producer in China and largest player in both Shandong and Liaoning province. Shandong is the largest cement producing province in China with a total cement production of over 140 million tons per annum.
Nature is one of China's largest and most successful leaders in the design, marketing, and manufacture of wood floorboards across three key product segments: #1 in solid wood, #2 in engineered, and #5 in laminated wood floorboards. Nature sells its products under the umbrella of two leading floorboard brands - Nature (solid wood; engineered) and First Space (laminated, new products).
 E.Sun Financial
Established in 1992, E.Sun is the sixth largest private-sector bank and one of 14 financial holding companies ("FHCs") in Taiwan.  As an FHC, the Company offers a comprehensive range of financial services through its commercial banking and stock broking subsidiaries, and has 113 branches located throughout Taiwan.
 CTCI Corporation
Taiwan's largest engineering, procurement and construction company and one of the largest in Asia. The company was founded in 1959 through a collection of private sector and government related companies to create the leading engineering company. CTCI is listed on the Taiwan stock exchange.
 Samsung Life
Korea's largest life insurance company and the flagship investment holding company of the Samsung Group. The Company is also the largest private sector institutional investor in Korea, with over $94.8 billion in investment assets, and has an asset base comparable in size to many Korean commercial banks.
One of Korea's leading commodities trading and distribution companies. Ssangyong purchases commodities, such as steel, chemicals and cement, which are manufactured in Korea and then sold to a global network of buyers and imports raw materials, such as coal and other natural resources, for consumption in Korea. Ssangyong is publicly-traded on the Korea Stock Exchange.
 Hyundai Rotem
Korea's monopoly manufacturer of rolling stock (subways, locomotives and high-speed railcars), monopoly manufacturer of military tanks and one of Korea's leading manufacturer of machinery and equipment used primarily in steel and automobile plants. MSPEA partnered with Hyundai Motor Company who continues to hold a majority stake.
A newly-formed Asia-focused specialty lines reinsurance company being established by an experienced team of former Swiss Re executives, the majority of whom have 20-35 years of reinsurance industry experience and also have significant experience in Asia. ACR plans to build a book of business focused on specialty reinsurance lines in key Asian markets including aviation, marine, energy, and large scale and/or complex property and engineering projects.
A leading branded manufacturer and distributor of ladies' shoes and accessories in China. The Company's nationwide distribution network provides Belle a significant strategic advantage over its competitors. The Company's products are sold under proprietary brand names including Belle, Teenmix, Staccato and TATA.
A leading branded sportswear company in China. The Company sells its products under the Kappa name, a well-known Italian sportswear brand, and owns the trademarks in China and Macau. The Company's sports lifestyle product strategy is among the first in China's sportswear industry and has recorded the fastest growth among the major sportswear brands over the past three years.
Ni&Co is an integrated non-ferrous metal producer headquartered in Sichuan Province in western China. The Company was founded in 2005 by senior executives of a former Chinese army-affiliated organization engaged in the exploration, mining and processing of various non-ferrous metals with over 20 years of industry experience. Ni&Co currently has three main business units: mining and processing of lithium compound products, recycling of non-ferrous metals, as well as mining and processing of zinc.
 Ping An
China's second largest insurance company. Primarily life insurance and property and casualty insurance; nationwide distribution network with more than 180,000 sales agents located in over 3,600 sub-branch offices. Successfully completed its IPO in June 2004 on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. We†exited our transaction† through a series of private and public transactions.
One of Japan's leading data communications providers and one of the most profitable digital subscriber line ("DSL") companies in the world. Lead by Dr. Sachio Semmoto, founder of DDI (Japanís first competitive carrier) and one of the leading telecom entrepreneurs in Japan. Fully realized investment through two secondary offerings.
One of South Korea's largest independently owned and operated asset management companies. Manages assets on behalf of South Korea's largest and most influential institutional investors, including Kookmin Bank, the National Pension Fund, as well as numerous retail investors. With the new management team the Company has become the sixth largest asset management company in Korea.
A leading specialty retailer of household appliances and consumer electronics products in China. One of the top three consumer electronics retail chain operators in China and number one in the most affluent area, Yangtze River Delta. Successfully completed its IPO in October 2005 on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Sold half our stake through public market block trades.
One of China's largest privately owned and fastest growing branded dairy product companies; one of the leading consumer brands in China. Completed its IPO on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in June 2004. Sold our stake through public market block trades.
 HTL International
Asia's largest and one of the fastest growing vertically-integrated manufacturers of leather sofas. Invested at a discount to the then-prevailing market price expected P/E with downward adjustments to the conversion price should the company fail to meet the EPS targets. Fully realized our investment through two secondary offerings and the receipt of cash dividends.
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