Market Risk

Summer Analyst Program



I chose to start my career in Financial Services because...
I have a background in mathematics and an interest in modeling financial securities.

I selected Market Risk...
to learn how Morgan Stanley uses risk measures to understand market risks and makes sound business decisions.

As a Market Risk Summer Analyst...
I needed solid numerical and communication skills, and a genuine eagerness to learn. I built on these skills to create financial models and reports and learned to perform routine tasks and long-term projects.

A typical day...
didn't exist; there were always new projects, unexpected requests, meetings and more—I often met with my manager to prioritize.

The best part of my summer experience at Morgan Stanley was...
the programming put together by the division. Each of the Risk groups took part in a speaker series where we had the chance to network with our colleagues. The program helped me build a strong foundation for my career at Morgan Stanley.

Program Details

There can be some differences between programs depending on region and time of year and overall duration. The information on this page is general and typical, but for more specific information view or download one of the tear sheets provided below for the region you're interested in.

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