Morgan Stanley in Glasgow

In the decade since we chose Scotland and Glasgow, it has more than lived up to our expectations. We now have more than 1,200 people in Glasgow, making it our second largest location in Europe after London, and also 5th largest globally. They are employed in an ever expanding range of roles and functions, including Operations, Technology, Finance, Information Security, Global Wealth Management Operations and Fund Services.

While the business side goes from strength to strength, we continue to build deeper links with the local community like our work with Yorkhill Children’s Charity. Since its inception, Morgan Stanley has been committed to being a responsible company. As a Firm, we think it is important to try and improve the quality of life in the communities where our employees live and work. Over the last 14 years, employees at the Glasgow office have taken this principle to heart, and we now have a number of major initiatives in place, such as the Princes Trust project and the Career Academy initiative, where the Firm and employees can give something back to the local community. As a Firm, we’re looking forward to the future.


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