Innovating to Solve Complex Problems

We're constantly reinventing success at Morgan Stanley. Developing the most innovative people, processes and systems is fundamental to meeting the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Some of the world's top technologists sit side by side with our traders, bankers, and investment management professionals, to explore how cutting-edge tools and systems can reshape our businesses. That's what the Sales & Trading Technology team, or IDEAS (The Morgan Stanley Innovative Data, Environments, Analytics & Systems Group), is all about. From analytic work on the trading desk, to calculating valuation and risk, to massive trade processing systems-all form one integrated effort.

Morgan Stanley innovators were behind AlphaWise, our evidence-research team. AlphaWise helps our global equity research analysts predict the potential direction of stocks through advanced techniques, including sophisticated web "bots," to find fresh insights into customer behavior and preferences. By testing investment ideas through market research, web research and other approaches, we are helping clients see beyond the conventional wisdom.