Get informed opinions from market professionals who put their best ideas direct to your desktop or mobile device. With pre-trade analytics, post trade portfolio management, live pricing, and simple execution seamlessly integrated into one portal.

Matrix allows Morgan Stanley clients to set ideas into action.

Matrix Offerings


Morgan Stanley Matrix Mobile app offers mobile customers select features from the online platform.

With the Matrix app you can:

  • Access Morgan Stanley’s unparalleled research from our industry-leading Analysts, Economists and Strategists.
  • View live, indicative FX spot prices.
  • Authorize your Prime Brokerage cash wires and access portfolio risk, margin, and reporting content
  • View live, indicative MBS prices and performance metrics for TBAs, agency and coupon swaps, rolls and butterflies.


Take the Next Steps

Are you ready to get closer to the trading floor? Email us now and a member of the Morgan Stanley Matrix team will contact you with details on how to become a user. If you like what you have seen then tell a colleague.