Active management.
Client-oriented solutions.
We actively manage capital across public and private markets worldwide, working to create alpha for our portfolios and results for our clients. Our long-tenured professionals aim to provide unique market insights, single-sector and multi-asset strategies, and custom solutions.
Media Appearance
Rui de Figueiredo on Bloomberg TV – Volatility Picking Up
Macro Insight
Calm Before the Storm

Capabilities Across the Asset Class Spectrum

International Equity
Macro Insight
The Power of Compounders with William Lock
Sep 27, 2017
William Lock explains why he believes a company’s intangible assets are integral to achieving sustainably high returns.
Manager Q & A
Q&A with William Lock
Jan 31, 2017
William Lock discusses how a strategy that his team manages has incorporated the Buffett philosophy into a long standing, successful global investment strategy.
Global Equity Observer
Look Left, Look Right, Look Left Again
In focusing on right-wing populism, are markets failing to notice the threat posed by the left? The International Equity Team explains their increased vigilance given political uncertainty.
Private Real Estate Investing
Private Real Estate Strategy


Capability : Real Assets
Team : Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing
Investment Insight
Real Estate Trends
Oct 11, 2017
MSIM’s Real Assets Research & Strategy team discusses economic themes and structural trends and the implications for the real estate sector
Macro Insight
Asia Real Estate Outlook
Aug 08, 2017
As Asia Pacific’s economy is gaining momentum, the Real Assets Research & Strategy team examine the region’s macroeconomic environment, its growth drivers and what this means for Asian commercial real estate and investors.

We seek high-quality assets, irrespective of property type or location.

Morgan Stanley Real Estate Investing
Global Fixed Income
Investment Insight
Outlook and Review of Global Fixed Income Opportunities
Aug 01, 2017
Jim Caron reviews the first half of 2017 and offers his insights into how the active management style of the Global Fixed Income Opportunities fund can take advantage of trends in the second half of the year.
Investment Insight
Time to Be More Selective
Nov 06, 2017
The Global Fixed Income team discusses how it may be time to be more selective in the fixed income markets and how security selection will be important.

We believe that in the long run value prevails and research wins.

Global Fixed Income Team
Global Emerging Markets Equity
Macro Insight
8 Trends for 2017 as Globalization Goes into Reverse
Mar 01, 2017
The globalization trends that once drove economic growth and markets are in retreat. Ruchir Sharma looks at the key themes that are emerging as protectionism rises.
Macro Insight
Buy Local: Why Domestic Companies Offer the Best Opportunities in EM
Ashutosh Sinha discusses how the team seeks pockets of growth amidst the changing landscape of emerging markets.
Media Appearance
Ruchir Sharma on CNBC
Feb 08, 2017
During a CNBC appearance, Ruchir Sharma provides his outlook on the markets in what he calls the new age of deglobalization.

In-depth Market Research

Investment Insight
GMA View Point - Canada’s Housing Becoming a Drag on the Economy
Oct 31, 2017
"MSIM’s Global Multi-Asset Team discusses their investment views in the latest viewpoint: “Canada’s Housing Becoming a Drag on the Economy”.
Investment Insight
The EDGE: Autonomous Vehicles
Aug 31, 2017
The Growth Team researches autonomous vehicles, which are rapidly progressing from the realm of science fiction to reality and could change our conception of personal transportation.

Who We Serve

Defined Benefit Plans

With four decades of asset management experience, we offer a broad range of investment strategies and outcome-oriented solutions to help private and public pension plan fiduciaries outperform their benchmarks, implement asset/liability strategies, manage risk and address the unique needs of their plan's beneficiaries.

Defined Contribution Plans

We believe that our award-winning active investment funds, spanning both traditional and alternative investment strategies, may enable plan sponsors to enhance the quality and diversity of the investment options that they provide to their participants to help them achieve their personal financial goals.

Endowments and Foundations

We specialize in designing and managing custom and commingled investment solutions to help managers of endowments and foundations achieve their return requirements, mitigate macroeconomic and financial risks and, whenever possible, devote more of their time to furthering the overall mission of their organizations.

Sovereign Wealth Funds

Our innovative products, market insights and investment solutions capabilities enable us to address the unique needs of Sovereign Wealth Funds around the world.

Insurance Companies

Effective partnership for the long term requires both indepth regulatory knowledge as well as specialist investment expertise. We favor a consultative approach, designed to meet the unique needs of insurance companies.


We scan the landscape constantly for opportunities aimed at enhancing the firm's ability to deliver superior investment performance; deepen our commitment to a best-in-class investment culture; and exceed our clients' expectations.

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