Private Companies

Private companies face challenges that require specialized solutions. Grow with confidence, instill financial well-being and build a culture of shared ownership through equity.

Accessible, Flexible and Fully Transparent

Our cloud-based solutions allow your company to communicate with clarity and ease, providing improved accuracy, streamlined collaboration and confident decision-making.

Organization for Your Organization
Easily manage your equity compensation structure and cap table in one place.
Greater Transparency
Provide real-time information to shareholders, employees and auditors with reporting solutions that keep everyone aligned.
Dedicated Support
Our deep market knowledge and expertise can help your company make better-informed financial decisions.

Unique Needs, Innovative Solutions

Provide clarity to your investors and partners, share reports with ease and maintain your cap table as your company grows. Our equity solutions are flexible, scalable and designed to help private companies at every stage.

Cap Table Management
Simplify cap table management and provide a unified, real-time view for stakeholders with an intuitive digital solution.
409A Valuations Services
Work with an experienced 409A Valuation provider to help manage compliance and receive audit-ready valuations you can trust.
Liquidity Events
Access tailored solutions and support to run liquidity events with confidence and help build a culture of ownership.
Equity Plan Administration
Have the flexibility and technology you need to get equity right from the start with trusted data, real-time reporting and a single source of plan information.
Financial Reporting
Get complete reporting freedom with real-time, audit-ready accuracy—so private companies can work smarter.
Global Intelligence
Transform the way you approach and manage your global equity plans while helping to navigate tax and legal complexities.

Empower Your Teams with Financial Wellness

Available with every service we provide, our Financial Wellness offering is designed to address the unique needs of your employees and help them reach their financial goals through a powerful combination of education, digital tools and guidance from our Wealth Management Canada Financial Advisors. 

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Share Plan App for Employees

Give your mobile, remote and on-the-go employees the ability to access their accounts anytime from anywhere. With one simple sign-on, the web and mobile app provides your participants with a clear, consolidated picture of their equity awards no matter where their work takes them.

We’ll help you find workplace financial solutions for your employees and your business.

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