Morgan Stanley
  • Private Wealth Management Audiocast
  • Dec 3, 2019

The Pyramid of Giving: How to Say Yes. When to Say No.

With Katherine Lorenz, Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation

Philanthropy is a great opportunity to bring family members together and give back to the community. But it comes with complications: hard decisions, unwanted solicitations from organizations, rising tension between family members who care about different causes. We turn to Katherine Lorenz, president of the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation, to share her insights.

In this episode, we’ll hear how Katherine Lorenz runs her own family’s foundation and get advice from Melanie Schnoll Begun, Head of Philanthropy Management at Morgan Stanley. We’ll learn how affluent families can devise a plan to generously support the people and causes they care about, while turning down requests when they feel like they’ve done enough.