Morgan Stanley

Fraud Detection and Prevention

To better protect you and your family, Morgan Stanley invests in cybersecurity and fraud prevention technology and employs world-class talent to lead these efforts. 

We tailor our security technology and practices to today’s cyber risk landscape to help prevent fraud and detect unusual activity.

Fraud Detection

Identify unauthorized intrusion

When someone logs into your account, we evaluate the login and flag unusual activity in real time to identify indications of attempted fraud.

Incident response

If necessary, we will change account numbers and put accounts on heightened alert with additional fraud monitoring.

Automatic alerts and notifications

We will automatically send notifications when certain activity or changes occur, like updating a username and password. You can also opt in to alerts, like debit card transactions or low balance alerts.

Fraud Prevention

Strong encryption protocols

We employ strong encryption protocols when your data is in transit and stored to protect your information.

Routine testing

We routinely use independent firms to test our systems and security protocols to identify and protect against potential vulnerabilities.

Automatic session time out

After a period of inactivity, our systems will log you out of your session automatically to reduce the possibility of unauthorized access to your personal information.

Muti-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Morgan Stanley offers several different forms of MFA to protect access to your accounts.  These include device registration, one-time security codes, push notifications and security keys. We require MFA for certain activities, such as initiating money movement.

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VoiceID Authentication

VoiceID works by creating and storing a voiceprint, a unique representation of your voice that is used to confirm your identity when you call the Morgan Stanley Service Center. Having your voiceprint on file helps protect you from individuals who may attempt to gain unauthorized access to your accounts.

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Security Center

Safeguarding your assets and information is one of our highest priorities, but you also have a critical role to play. Check out our collection of practical takeaways and best practices from our cybersecurity professionals, then explore a few of the ways we help protect you.

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Online Security Center

Reporting an Online Security Concern

If you suspect you may be the victim of fraud or identity theft, or if you notice suspicious account activity or receive a questionable email or text that appears to be from Morgan Stanley, please contact us immediately at

(24 hours a day, 7 days a week)