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Our digital tools are built with the security of client assets and data as a top priority. All login sessions to Morgan Stanley Online and the Morgan Stanley Mobile App have end-to-end, high-grade encryption. 

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See how utilizing our digital tools can remove sensitive paper from the equation and may help reduce your risk of fraud.

Digital Tools


Through eDelivery, you can review your account documents online. You will receive an email whenever a new document is available and can access the document by logging into Morgan Stanley Online.

Using eDelivery eliminates the risk of paper statements being intercepted or stolen through the mail.

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With eAuthorizations, you can electronically authorize domestic and international, one-time/recurring transactions through Morgan Stanley Online and the Morgan Stanley Mobile App within minutes.

eAuthorizations leverages multiple strong factors of authentication to confirm your identity, which significantly mitigates security risks.


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Digital Vault

Digital Vault lets you easily manage and share your important documents, such as wills, deeds and estate plans, as well as financial statements and tax filings.

All files are scanned for viruses and malware and are encrypted while transferred and stored. Access is limited to you and anyone you designate.

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eSign is the easy way to electronically sign documents. Once you receive an email from "Morgan Stanley via DocuSign," you simply follow the instructions and sign your documents.

When you use eSign, you must verify your identity before you sign the document and then, once signed, the document is sealed against tampering and cannot be edited.

To learn more, contact your Financial Advisor.

Online Security Center

Reporting an Online Security Concern

If you suspect you may be the victim of fraud or identity theft, or if you notice suspicious account activity or receive a questionable email or text that appears to be from Morgan Stanley, please contact us immediately at

(24 hours a day, 7 days a week)