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A game isn’t just won on game-day, it’s won in the countless hours of preparation beforehand. Financial success works the same way. That’s why Morgan Stanley and the NFL Players Association are collaborating to help bring you the tools to build your own wealth, for generations to come. Consider it your greatest play of all time.

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Drawing Up Your Game Plan

The days of fixed financial plans are over. No two sports professionals are alike, so why should their strategies? We see our Financial Advisors as Global Sports and Entertainment Directors, chosen for their select experience working within very specific fields. They understand the total financial picture and can craft creative strategies that account for the unique challenges and dynamics of our clients’ careers. We didn’t just come here to defend your wealth, we came to play offense in every appropriate   financial way possible.

What We Do


Players, both active and retired, have

distinct financial profiles.


Your specific needs and translate them

into actionable financial strategy. 


The resources and experience of Morgan Stanley

to make them work for you.


In helping you build your wealth

towards your goals.  

You Define It, We Help You Get There

Our steadfast commitment to you is simple—we assist in driving your plan forward and go for your goals and gains, no matter what

Maintain Cash Flow

I can’t predict every expense, how can I try to make sure I have the cash I need?

Retirement Planning

Is there a way to plan for retirement that takes my lifestyle, family, and personal business ventures  into account?

Business Strategies

How do I manage my personal wealth with so much tied up in my personal business venture?

Estate Planning

Making sure my estate goes to the people and organizations I care about is key—how do I transform my assets into a legacy?


I have a lot of goals and priorities—how can one investment strategy balance them all?

Charitable Giving

The charities I support are extremely important to me—how do I maximize my philanthropy?

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Let’s play the long game, together.

Our story begins with you. You’ve reached the highest levels of the hardest profession.

There are a lot of people that dream of being in your shoes, but you’ve worked for it—earning every opportunity and even every challenge. We understand the world you live in and we have the experience  and world-class resources necessary to help you try to navigate through it all. We want to be a part of your team, helping you seek to create the future you envision. We’re in it to win it, for you—now let’s play.

Morgan Stanley Global Sports & Entertainment is a division of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management dedicated to serving the unique and sophisticated needs of professional athletes and entertainers.

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