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Put Your Money to Work With Our Financial Management Tools

Managing multiple financial accounts across different firms can be complicated. With Morgan Stanley Online, you can link your non-Morgan Stanley accounts and analyze your cash flow all in one place.

See Your Complete Financial Picture

View a Snapshot of Your Finances

Add your external 401K, checking/savings, brokerage accounts and more to Morgan Stanley Online to see your finances all in one place.

Complete Your Financial Picture

Discover Trends and Save Smarter

View your incoming and outgoing cash, gain insights on your spending habits and create custom budgets no matter where your money is held.

Analyze Your Expenses

Enhance Your Goal Planning

Identify opportunities and risks across your entire portfolio with your Financial Advisor. This will allow you to better achieve your financial goals.

Access Your Account

Follow These 3 Steps To Get Started

Step 1: Log in

Log into Morgan Stanley Online at or the Morgan Stanley Mobile App.

Step 2: Add External Accounts

Click on the “Add External Accounts” button.

Step 3: Enter Your Credentials

Select the financial institution, enter your credentials and follow the guided prompts to complete the process.

See Where Your Dollars Are Going

Cash Flow

Get a comprehensive view of your incoming and outgoing cash no matter where your money is held.

View Cash Trends

Income and Expenses

Categorize your expenses, helping you and your Financial Advisor identify areas of overspending.

Analyze Your Expenses


Create custom budgets, which can help you optimize how you put your money to work.

Create a Budget


Is it safe to add my external accounts?

We work with Yodlee—the market leader in financial data connectivity—to protect your financial information. We set up and manage the secure connections between your chosen institutions and Yodlee. The aggregation service is read-only, meaning that data can be read but no transactions or updates can occur at Morgan Stanley. Learn more about how we safeguard your information on our Online Security Center

Why should I share information about my non-Morgan Stanley accounts with my Financial Advisor?

By updating your information in real time, it eliminates the inconvenience of having to provide statements and ensures that we are making decisions based on a full and timely financial picture. Your Financial Advisor can help identify spending patterns and whether you should adjust your asset allocation based on exposure across all your investments. 

Is there a fee associated with adding my external accounts or creating a budget?

Morgan Stanley does not charge a fee to use either tool.