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At Morgan Stanley, we believe how you invest is just as important as why you invest. So we offer you different options.

We offer portfolio choices based on your objectives and preferences – you can align your investments with your values, opt for a research-driven strategy that seeks to maximize returns, or focus on minimizing fees.

You can also choose to set aside a portion of your overall portfolio toward a theme that focuses on a particular market trend or investment idea, like investing in gender diversity or next-wave technology. That means if you select the Robotics + Data + AI theme, a percentage of your portfolio will be invested in companies on the cutting edge of these industries.


Impact Portfolio

Comprised of funds that invest in companies that integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors seeking to avoid risk and create long-term value

Market-Tracking Portfolio

An all-ETF portfolio that provides diversified exposure across asset classes and global markets, designed to track a blended market index

Performance-Seeking Portfolio

Seeks to optimize your returns, based on your risk levels. We’ll use the firm's best thinking to invest in a blend of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds that our experts believe may outperform the market


Climate Action

Invest in companies that avoid harmful environmental practices or support climate change solutions such as energy efficiency

Defense & Cybersecurity

Offers exposure to companies and sectors whose products and services seek to provide protection against growing geopolitical and information security threats

Emerging Consumer

Gain exposure to emerging economies where consumer spending is expected to rise from a growing middle class

Gender Diversity

Support companies advancing women via strong policies and programs as well as diverse boards and executive management

Genomics & Bio-Medicine

Invest in technology and resources focused on breakthrough science changing how illness and disease are treated

Global Frontier

Focus on countries that are economically less developed than emerging markets but offer unique growth opportunities

Inflation Conscious

Invests in companies and sectors that seek to perform better during periods of accelerating inflation

Robotics + Data + AI

Gain exposure to companies leading technology transformation via artificial intelligence, data analysis and robotics

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