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529 Plans at Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley offers a variety of 529 plan options to help you save for college and other education expenses, while taking advantage of tax and estate planning benefits.

Advisory 529 Plan

Offered to Morgan Stanley clients nationwide, this plan is integrated into your goals-based advisory relationship 

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Brokerage 529 Plans

Tailored to your needs, these 529 plans are offered through some of the nation’s leading mutual fund companies 

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What Is a 529 Plan?

529 plans are flexible, tax-advantaged investment accounts with benefits beyond positioning you to pay for college. They offer tax-free growth and withdrawal potential,2 a high degree of versatility and control for the account owner, and potentially significant estate tax and other benefits. 

Tax Advantages

Once you fund a 529 account, any growth of that money is generally income tax-free. And it can normally be distributed income tax-free if it’s used to pay for qualified education expenses, including tuition and supplies2

Versatility & Control

Help pay for private K-12 education, graduate school, semesters abroad, apprenticeship programs and student loans.2 Stay in full ownership of your account even as you change beneficiaries or withdraw funds3

Estate Planning

Because contributions to a 529 plan are generally excluded from a donor’s gross estate calculation,4 you can typically move money from your taxable estate to beneficiaries estate tax-free, without ever losing control


529 plans are notable for their flexibility—with no income, age or time limits, no minimum distributions, no state residency requirements, no limits on who can benefit or contribute,5 and high contribution limits


Morgan Stanley National Advisory 529 Plan

As the first and only of its kind, the Morgan Stanley National Advisory 529 Plan offers fiduciary oversight of your education funding strategy within the context of your broader assets, portfolio and life goals for a single asset-based fee covering your entire advisory relationship¹—all powered by the vast resources of Morgan Stanley: 

Industry-leading thought leadership and portfolio construction

Gain access to Morgan Stanley’s intellectual capital, global resources and institutional-caliber managers through goals-based portfolios that align with your unique time frame, risk profile and goals 

Integration into a goals-based total wealth plan

Manage your 529 account investments within a holistic advisory relationship and take advantage of integrated tax, risk management and estate planning benefits across your entire wealth strategy 

Sophisticated advice from your trusted Financial Advisor

Work with your Financial Advisor to select an allocation that invests for education expenses within the context of your wealth plan, while navigating market conditions and tracking progress toward your goals 

Brokerage 529 Plans

We offer a variety of 529 plan options from some of the nation’s leading mutual fund companies, backed by our own due diligence. We can provide valuable expertise to help you choose from a range of investment strategies, and tailor your account depending on the specific plan, the age of the beneficiary, your time horizon, financial objectives and risk tolerance. 

Invest for the Future

A 529 account can help you pave the way for a loved one on the path to success, while both reducing the income taxes on your investments and the taxable value of your estate for federal estate tax purposes. The combination of income tax-free growth and withdrawal potential,2 estate tax benefits, attractive continuous-control features, and versatility to address circumstances as they arise make 529 plans an education investment vehicle of choice. 

Your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor or Private Wealth Advisor can help answer your questions about 529 plans and provide guidance on developing an approach to help you achieve your goals. 

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