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Build your financial future with Morgan Stanley Pathway Funds—available only through Morgan Stanley's advisory programs. Morgan Stanley Pathway Funds are a complete suite of style-driven mutual funds that are subadvised by some of the nation's most successful professional investment firms. The Funds are managed according to a variety of asset classes and styles. With Morgan Stanley Pathway Funds you receive:

  • Investment advice from a dedicated Financial Advisor
  • Access to style-driven mutual funds, invested on a multi-manager basis
  • Asset allocation advice provided by the Global Investment Committee
    • Automatic portfolio reallocation services for investors who follow the Global Investment Committee's recommended models
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and periodic reporting
  • One simple fee based on assets

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Essential to the Morgan Stanley Pathway Funds is the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management (Wealth Management) Investment Solutions Committee’s exclusive process used to identify and select the sub-advisers for the funds. It begins with a screening system conducted by Wealth Management’s broader Global Investment Manager Analysis team that narrows the universe of more than 14,000 investment advisers registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and with state regulatory agencies. After the managers have been selected, the Investment Solutions Committee’s team of analysts continues to monitor each sub-adviser and fund for its investment quality.

Every manager is further evaluated by a team of investment professionals who examines each manager to confirm that they have the right mix of skills and capabilities to meet the rigid standards of our program.

The result is a suite of style-driven mutual funds that are appropriate for any investor.

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Please click on the relevant links below to view and print documents related to your Morgan Stanley Investment Advisory Account. This includes the Form ADV brochure and privacy notice (the "Privacy Notice") for Morgan Stanley as well as for the Manager(s)/Sub-Manager(s) (the "Managers" who may be managing your account(s)). Please review the Brochures and Privacy Notices carefully as they provide important information about Morgan Stanley and each Manager. These include the Manager Profiles of the specific Managers who may be managing your account(s). Please review the Manager Profiles carefully as they provide important summary information (including past performance) about each Manager. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Form ADV Brochures and Privacy Notices

Manager Profiles – Select UMA

Please note documents are provided as PDFs, which require Adobe® Reader® to view. To download a copy of the latest version, visit Adobe's website.

About the Investment Solutions Committee

In addition to the evaluation process conducted by Wealth Management’s broader Global Investment Manager Analysis team, every manager ultimately chosen as a sub-adviser to the Morgan Stanley Pathway Funds has been further evaluated by the Wealth Management Investment Solutions Committee. The committee comprises experts who examine the fund managers who have passed the screen to determine which have the best mix of skills and capabilities for a multi-disciplinary program. The analysts consider many criteria including: past performance, style consistency, personnel tenure, and concordance with other managers of the same fund. Among other things, multiple managers should be diversifying (within the same style) rather than duplicating efforts.

All mutual fund products are sold by prospectus, which contains more complete information about the fund. Please contact your Financial Advisor for copies. Please read the prospectus and consider the fund's objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about the fund.

For more information, please contact your Financial Advisor