Spending + Budgeting

Your everyday spending can significantly impact your long-term goals. Our Spending and Budgeting Tool makes it easy for you and your Financial Advisor to see your complete financial picture.

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Your Everyday Finances All in One Place

Cash Flow

Get a comprehensive view of your incoming and outgoing cash no matter where your money is held.

View Cash Trends

Income and Expenses

Categorize your expenses, helping you and your Financial Advisor identify areas of overspending.

Analyze Your Expenses


Create custom budgets, which can help you optimize how you put your money to work.

Create a Budget

Efficiently track spending habits, categorize expenses and create budgets across all of your accounts, from Morgan Stanley and external financial institutions.  Share this information with your Financial Advisor to align your spending to your long-term goals. 

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Benefits At A Glance

Complete Financial Picture.

View all of your accounts, held at Morgan Stanley and external financial institutions, on Morgan Stanley Online and the Morgan Stanley Mobile App.

Personalized Tools and Advice Towards Goals.

Manage your cash flow, analyze your income and expenses, and create personalized budgets. Share with your Financial Advisor for advice and input to help meet your goals.

Data Security and Protection.

Spending and Budgeting is supported and backed by Morgan Stanley's full suite of cybersecurity services, to support the protection and security of your data and accounts.

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