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The Detterick Group at Morgan Stanley is a Tier 1 Corporate Client Group Director team, representing the firm’s highest designation for a practice advising companies and their plan participants.

The Detterick Group has two practices: a corporate-services business advising on and managing the plans of companies around their executive compensation and benefit platforms, and a family wealth planning business providing participants (and their families) with holistic financial planning and wealth management strategies that work in concert with their corporate benefit plans.

The group is led by Managing Director and Corporate Client Group Director Jim Detterick and comprises individuals with career backgrounds in areas of concentration that include executive compensation plans, equity compensation plans, investment management, estate planning strategies and retirement and benefit platforms. The Detterick Group provides advice and guidance around investment management, retirement planning, trust and estate planning strategies, concentrated stock positions, asset allocation strategies, hedging, access to lending services and tax deferral strategies designed to help executives and participants meet their financial goals. The group is supported by the resources of Morgan Stanley's Corporate Equity Solutions Group, Executive Advisory Services, Retirement Group and Global Stock Plan Services.

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