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How do I set up Wire instructions on StockPlan Connect?

Step 1: Navigate to the Payment Instructions Screen

a. Click on the Profile link

b. Click on the Payment Instructions tab

Step 2: Launch the Add New U.S. Dollar Wire Instructions Process

c. Click the Add New button

Step 3: Select Bank Type

d. Select the financial institution

e. Click the Next button

Note: You will need different types of information to set up and store wire instructions on StockPlan Connect, depending on the type of account to which funds will be wired. Refer to the chart below.

Financial Institution You will need your: Where to find the information:
U.S. Bank Account

ABA / Routing Transit Number and Bank Account Number

Both numbers are typically at the bottom of your bank checks and deposit slips. In addition, your account number is shown on your bank statement. Please call your bank or look up the numbers on your bank’s website to verify.

Non-U.S. Bank Account

The SWIFT code or the U.K. Sort Code for the receiving Financial Institution. If you provide a U.K. Sort Code you will also need the intermediary bank account number for your financial institution’s US intermediary bank. Additionally you will need to provide the IBAN or account number at your receiving bank, depending on the requirements of your chosen Financial Institution.

You should start by contacting your international bank or referring to your bank’s website. Please ask for the Incoming Wire Department and request the Routing Transit Number of the U.S. intermediary bank. Routing transit numbers can also be looked up on the Federal Reserve Financial Services website; however, please confirm the routing transit number with your bank.

Brokerage Account

Intermediary bank’s ABA /routing number and account number. You will also need your brokerage firm’s name and address, and your personal brokerage account number.

This account is set up and maintained by your broker. You must contact your broker for this information.

Credit Union Account
Intermediary bank’s ABA /routing number and account number. You will also need your credit union’s name and address, and your personal credit union account number.

This account is set up and maintained by your credit union. You must contact your credit union for this information.


Step 4: Enter Bank Information

f. Enter your bank’s routing number (ABA number) and your bank account number. Remember the fields here will depend on what financial institution type you selected.

g. Click the Next button

Step 5: Review and eSign

h. Review your receiving financial institution’s information

i. Enter your StockPlan Connect password to eSign your request

j. Click on the Next button

Step 6: Confirm Instructions Have Been Received

k. Review Confirmation page

l. Click the Done button

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