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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What will happen if I forget to enter the Swift Code, or if I enter the incorrect information?
  •  If you do not provide complete bank instructions, your proceeds will default to check. If you enter invalid or incorrect instructions, your wire may be rejected or returned to Morgan Stanley less a fee.

    Please confirm your instructions with your financial institution.

  • When I do a stock plan transaction on StockPlan Connect, how do I choose a Wire Transfer of funds for my proceeds delivery?
  • Once you set up wire instructions, you can enter your transactions through the Exercise Grants or Sell Shares buttons on StockPlan Connect. On the Sell Shares/Exercise page, you will be asked “How Would You Like the Proceeds Delivered?” From the Delivery Method drop-down menu, you will select your currency and payment preferences. If you have not previously established wire instructions, you can also do so at this time. If you have equity plans in more than one company, you can now easily copy your wire instructions to all your companies. This can be done at the time of setup or you can click the link, “Use for all companies” and follow the steps to confirm the instructions you want to carry over.

  • How much does it cost to wire sale proceeds to my bank account?
  • here is typically a $25 fee associated with a federal fund wire, which is deducted from your sale proceeds. This fee is shown under the estimated proceeds section on the Exercise Grants or Sell Shares screen.

  • How long does it take for me to receive my proceeds?
  • For wires to international banks, Morgan Stanley releases the funds on settlement date and the receiving bank will credit the account according to their policy.

  • How can I get confirmation that my funds have been wired?
  • Once we receive confirmation that your bank has acknowledged the funds, you can contact the Morgan Stanley Service Center to obtain a confirmation reference number.

  • I have received less money than the original wire amount; why were additional fees charged?
  • Morgan Stanley will not charge any additional fees above our standard wire fee. Your receiving bank and any intermediary banks, however, may charge either a flat-rate fee or a percentage of the dollar amount transferred.

  • What are the alternatives to wiring my proceeds?
  •  When choosing your proceeds delivery method on StockPlan Connect you can also choose to receive your proceeds by check through regular mail or overnight delivery. If you have a Morgan Stanley brokerage account, you can deposit your sale proceeds to your brokerage account.

  • Who can I contact for additional assistance?
  • Please contact the Morgan Stanley Service Center at: 1-866-722-7310 or 1-801-617-7435.

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