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Stock Option Plan Overview

Upon logging into your StockPlan Connect account, you will be taken to your plan’s Overview page, which features an easy-to-read table of all your stock plan awards. Here you will see Incentive Stock Options (ISOs), Non-Qualified Stock Options (NQSOs), and Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs), if you have them. If you have other stock plans (such as restricted or performance stock, or an ESPP plan), you can click on the “Stock Options” jump link to navigate to the stock option table. If you have multiple awards and have to scroll down to the bottom of the Overview page, you can use the “back to top” 
arrow ( Back to Top Icon ) in the lower right-hand corner to jump back to the top of the page.

The Stock Plan Summary provides a quick overview of your stock option grants, including figures for:

Outstanding Grants
Awards that have not vested plus vested awards that have not been exercised. When an option vests, you may buy stock at the grant price for the option

Exercisable Grants
The number of grants that have vested and are available to exercise

Market Value
An estimated value of your plan, based on current market value (Exercisable Grants multiplied by the difference between the Current Share Price and the Grant Price). This estimate does not account for taxes, commission, and fees.

Hypothetical Example. For Illustrative Purposed Only.
 Depending on your company’s settings, you may see additional values next to the “Company Name” and “Share Price” modules at the top of the page, including:

Unvested Value
A summary of the unvested value of all your plans, which is the difference between the current market value and the award price multiplied by the number of shares or units that are unvested. If you see “unvested value” in the header, you will see it in your plan table, as well.

Potential Total
A summary of the total value of all plans, which is the current market value plus, if applicable, the value of any unvested awards or grants less the option costs of the grants. If you see “potential value” in the header, you will see it in your plan table, as well.

Note: Click on the “?” next to “Stock Options” to access a glossary of terms that may help you better understand your stock option plan.

You can also hover over the column headers to view definitions of the following terms, without leaving the StockPlan Connect Overview page:


Grant Number

An alphanumeric identifier assigned by your company to identify your grant

Grant Date

In most plans, the first day of the offering period. Please refer to your company’s plan documents for information regarding your plan.

Expiration Date

The expiration date is the date that any outstanding options are forfeited if they have not previously been exercised or terminated early in accordance with the terms and conditions of your company’s plans (e.g., in connection with your termination of employment). Refer to your company’s plan documents for related details regarding your plan.

Grant Type

Stock Options:

  • NQ – Non-Qualified Stock Option
  • ISO – Incentive Stock Option (ISOs which have lost their preferential tax treatment and are now fully taxable at the time of exercise are marked with an asterisk *)
  • UKA – UK-approved Grant
  • UKU – UK-unapproved Grant
  • PSO – Performance Stock Option


Stock Appreciation Rights:

  • SAR – Cash-settled Stock Appreciation Right
  • SSR – Stock-settled Stock Appreciation Right

Grant Price

The price at which you have the right to buy the stock during the term of the grant. Also known as Option Price, Exercise Price or Strike Price.


The number of stock options or stock appreciation rights granted to you by your company.


The number of Stock Options/Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs) granted that are unvested plus vested Stock Options/SARs that are exercisable.


The number of vested stock options or stock appreciation rights currently available to be transacted. This number increases every time a grant vests or an open order is cancelled. It decreases when an order is placed and the grant is exercised or expired.


The Notation Column identifies the status of the grant or award you were given.

  • Accepted – you have accepted the grant/award
  • Rejected – you have declined the grant/award
  • Accept – you have not yet accepted the grant/award
  • View – the grant/award does not require acceptance, but you may view the documents associated with that grant/award
  • Review – the grant/award does not require acceptance, but you may view the documents associated with that grant/award
  • Reviewed – you have reviewed the grant/award


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