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Restricted Stock Plan Overview

Upon logging into your StockPlan Connect account, you will be taken to your plan’s Overview page, which features an easy-to-read table of all your restricted stock awards and units. If you scroll down to the bottom of a long list of restricted shares and units, you can use the “back to top” arrow ( Back to Top Icon ) in the lower right-hand corner to jump back to the top of the page.

The Stock Plan Summary provides a quick overview of your restricted awards and units, including figures for:

Unvested Awards
Those shares or units that have been awarded, but have not yet vested

Available for Sale
The number of awards that have vested and are available for sale. Click on the “Available for Sale” link to be taken to a detail page about the shares and units available for sale

Current Market Value
An estimated value of your plan, based on current market value (shares available for sale x market price). This estimate does not account for commission fees.

Note: Depending on your company’s settings, you may see additional values next to the “Company Name” and “Share Price” modules at the top of the page, including:

Unvested Value
A summary of the unvested value of all your plans, which is the difference between the current market value and the award price multiplied by the number of shares or units that are unvested. If you see “unvested value” in the header, you will see it in the plan table, as well.

Potential Total
A summary of the total value of all plans, which is the current market value plus, if applicable, the value of any unvested awards or grants less the option costs of the grants. If you see “potential value” in the header, you will see it in the plan table, as well.

Note: Click on the “?” next to “Restricted Shares and Units” to access a glossary of terms that may help you better understand your restricted stock plan.

You can also hover over the column headers to view definitions of the following terms, without leaving the StockPlan Connect Overview page:


Award Number

The number assigned by you company to distinguish or identify your award

Award Date

The date on which an equity grant, such as stock options, SARs, or restricted stock, is awarded to you

Award Type

This field identifies the different types of awards that may be granted to you. Your company may not grant all these award types. For more information, please see the definition for each award type:

  • RSS – Restricted Shares
  • RSU – Restricted Units
  • PSS – Performance Shares
  • PSU – Performance Units
  • DSS – Deferred Shares
  • DSU – Deferred Units



The number of shares or units awarded to you


Quantity of grants or awards/units in which ownership rights have been received and there is no longer a risk of forfeiture. Depending on your tax payment method, some shares may have been sold or withheld to satisfy tax liability.


The number of grants or awards/units that are still subject to a restriction.


The Notation Column identifies the status of the grant or award you were given.

  • Accepted – you have accepted the grant/award
  • Rejected – you have declined the grant/award
  • Accept – you have not yet accepted the grant/award
  • View – the grant/award does not require acceptance, but you may view the documents associated with that grant/award
  • Review – the grant/award does not require acceptance, but you may view the documents associated with that grant/award
  • Reviewed – you have reviewed the grant/award



Award Detail Pages

You can link to detailed data about a specific share or unit by clicking the Award Number link. Clicking on one of these links, indicated by blue text, takes you to a detail page that features information pertaining just to that one award, including award history and future vesting schedules. For example, if you click on “RSS-0008,” the detail page for that particular award will be displayed.


Quick Action Buttons

You can access these one-click links from both the Overview and detail screens:

Displays a listing of upcoming vesting schedules by award, including the quantity of shares vesting on each date.

Launches the Model Sell Process, which allows you view the results of potential transactions of restricted shares and units before you convert them to an actual sale. The Model process follows the same steps as the Sell Shares process.

Sell Shares
Launches the Sell Shares Process, which allows you to execute a transaction of restricted stock shares and units.

Note: The Sell Shares button can be found on any screen where users can launch the Sell Shares process. This includes the following pages: Overview, Vesting, Details, Gain/Loss and Available for Sale.



Selling Shares

Click on the Sell Shares button to launch the Sell Shares Process. The Sell Shares Process has been broken up into three entry pages: Create the Order, Review and Confirm the order, and View Confirmation.

A. Create the Order

1. Select the shares you would like to sell by:

  • Clicking on the Select Shares link: Allows you to enter the amount of shares you want to sell and will automatically select which share lots they will be sold from based on the directive you choose

  • Clicking the “Sell All” button: Systematically populates the “Enter Shares to Sell” field with all of the shares available for sale and clicks the Select All checkbox for all lots.


  • Checking the “Sell All” checkbox for each lot: Select the checkbox to sell all the Shares Available for Sale for a specific lot

  • Manually entering the number of shares you would like to sell

Note: Click the Clear Selection button at any time to clear all fields.

2. Select the order type:

  • Market Orders are filled at the next available market price
  • Limit Orders allow you to specify the price at which you want to sell your shares:


    • Limit orders are valid for 365 days
    • The transaction will be displayed as an open order on the Activity Page until the limit order price is reached and if/when the order is filled

3. Specify how you would like the proceeds delivered. For example, if you select “Send me a check” we will mail your proceeds to the address we have on file for you.

4. View your Estimated Proceeds

Note: This sample transaction is for illustrative purposes only.

5. Click on the “Next Step” button to Review and Confirm your order.

B: Review and Confirm

1. Review all the details of your sale on the “Review and Confirm” page.

2. Select or enter a phone number and enter your StockPlan Connect Password to submit the sales order.

Note: Phone numbers will be used only if there is a question about your transaction. Phone Numbers can be updated In the Profile > Contact Settings page.

3. Click on the “Submit Order” button to submit your order.

C. View Confirmation


  • If you have not completed your Tax Certification, you may be subject to additional withholding taxes. To edit or complete your tax certification, click on the “Edit” link to launch the tax certification process.
  • Click on the “Print” button to print the Order Entry Confirmation. A separate trade confirmation will be available for view on the Documents page when the trade has been executed.



Realized Gain/Loss Tab

Once a sale has been completed, the Realized Gain/Loss for those shares can be viewed on the Gain/Loss page. You can use the “View” filter to display Realized Gain/Loss information.


Activity tab

The Activity page displays all activity across all plans, including sales.

  • Unfilled orders, including any unfilled limit orders, will appear in the Open Table of the Activity page. Open orders can be modified or cancelled at any time.
  • Click on the Modify button to launch the Modify Order process.
  • Click on the Cancel button to launch the Cancel Order process.
  • Click on the Refresh button to refresh the screen. This is useful when waiting for a market order to fill.
  • Filled or completed orders will be displayed in the Completed Table on the Activity page.
  • Use the Type filter to see only Sale activity.
  • Click on the “Date” link to view the Order Details.
    • The Activity Details page will display Order Details, Proceeds Details and Share Lot Details including Realized Gain/Loss.
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