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Accepting Your Equity Awards and Grants Online

Your company may require you to formally accept your equity compensation grants and/or awards before you can exercise a stock option or sell vested shares of restricted stock. To avoid any potential transaction delays, please review and accept your grants and /or awards on StockPlan Connect. The online process for accepting an award is the same as the process for accepting a grant, and, with StockPlan Connect, Morgan Stanley makes it quick and easy to do.

STEP 1: Start the Online Award or Grant Acceptance process by clicking on the ‘Accept’ button

Note: The Accept button can be accessed from the Alert drop-down menu, the in-line alert window, or from the Status column on the far-right side of the page.

STEP 2: Accept or Reject

B. Review the award or grant information in the Award or Grant Summary section of the “Award (or Grant) Acceptance” page, as well as the award’s Vesting Schedule (if available).

Read and Acknowledge Award or Grant Documents

C. Click on the document link to open the Award or Grant Agreement.

D. After reading the Award or Grant Agreement, check the “I have read and agree to the above document” checkbox.

Note: The “I have read and agree to the above document” checkbox will not be editable until the document has been opened.

eSign to Accept or Reject the Award or Grant

E. Enter your StockPlan Connect Password to serve as your electronic signature.

Accept or Reject the Award or Grant

F. Select the “Accept Award” or “Reject Award” button, or the “Accept Grant” or “Reject Grant” button. Clicking the “Cancel” button will prompt a warning message and return you to the Overview page.

Note: The “Accept Award/Grant” and “Reject Award/Grant” buttons will not be available until all required fields are completed.

Step 3: Confirmation

Review the Confirmation page and click “Done” to return to the Overview page.

Note: Once the award or grant has been accepted (or rejected), the Alert will disappear and the status will change to “Accepted.” Clicking on the “Accepted” button will display the “View Award” or the “View Grant” page.

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