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Wealth Transfer and Gifting Opportunities

Donating restricted or control stock can bring many benefits to you and the charity of your choice, while having an enduring impact on communities and future generations.

You can make contributions to a favored nonprofit organization without tapping cash reserves or liquidating other assets. By donating restricted or control stock, in fact, you can make significantly larger contributions than if you were making donations in cash. That’s because gifts to qualified charities are exempt from gift tax and removed from your estate. Such donations may also qualify for current charitable income tax deductions (Note: They may be subject to liquidity issues for the charity).

Morgan Stanley’s high-touch support team can guide you through the philanthropic giving strategies available for restricted or control stock.

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Put Your Wealth to Work

If you find that your wealth is disproportionately weighted in company stock or the restrictions placed on the sale of your shares are limiting your personal financial growth, we offer strategic guidance and sophisticated strategies to help you gain greater access to your wealth.

We look forward to answering specific questions you may have about our Executive Financial Services platform. Please reach out to your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor, who will be glad to walk you through the critical steps to access our specialized guidance and tailored solutions. You also can contact EFS directly at

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