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Sophisticated Liquidity Strategies

Morgan Stanley clients with eligible restricted or control stock may not want—or be permitted—to readily sell their securities. But that doesn’t mean these assets must stay idle. If qualified, a loan secured by eligible securities in your brokerage account may be able to put these assets to work.

The EFS team will vet the specific securities involved to confirm their eligibility as collateral for financing. They will then work with your Financial Advisor and a Morgan Stanley Private Banker* to determine the most appropriate products and services for you while helping you navigate regulatory requirements and ensuring proper documentation.

Leveraging Your Wealth

Securities-based loans may help you unlock the value of your portfolio to:

  • Purchase real estate or complete home renovations
  • Make philanthropic gifts
  • Pay education expenses
  • Fund tax liabilities
  • Provide funds for life events
  • Consolidate debt
  • Cover unexpected events

*Private Bankers are employees of Morgan Stanley Private Bank, National Association.

Types of loans that eligible securities can secure include:

  • Securities-based loans: A flexible loan or line of credit using securities in a Morgan Stanley brokerage account as collateral. A securities-based loan may be a cost-effective financing alternative for qualified applicants.
  • Margin loans: A traditional brokerage loan enabling the purchase of additional securities to diversify an investment portfolio. Margin loans may be used to expedite ownership requirements.
  • Tailored lending: Tailored loans may use different assets and asset classes as collateral based on an individual’s unique needs.

Borrowing against securities may not be suitable for everyone. You should be aware that there are risks associated with securities-based loans, including possible maintenance calls on short notice, and that market conditions can magnify any potential for loss. For details, please see the important disclosures below.

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Put Your Wealth to Work

If you find that your wealth is disproportionately weighted in company stock or the restrictions placed on the sale of your shares are limiting your personal financial growth, we offer strategic guidance and sophisticated strategies to help you gain greater access to your wealth.

We look forward to answering specific questions you may have about our Executive Financial Services platform. Please reach out to your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor, who will be glad to walk you through the critical steps to access our specialized guidance and tailored solutions. You also can contact EFS directly at

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