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General Navigation

The following features are found on several of the pages within StockPlan Connect. There are some additional navigation tools, which are described in detail as they relate to specific screens later in this guide.

A. Download Button
Download the information that is displayed on a page. Select only current awards or grants, or include historical information (awards or grants with no current positions), and the format of the download. The Download button will be displayed only on those pages that support downloads.

B. Print Button
Print the information on the screen.

C. Column Sort
All tables in StockPlan Connect can be sorted by any field, in ascending or descending order. To sort a column, click on the column header to activate the column and then click on the triangle.

D. Links to Detail Pages
You can link to detailed information about a single award/grant, gain/loss entry, or activity by clicking on the Award/Grant Number link or the Transaction Date link. Clicking on these links, indicated by blue text, will allow you to view the details of a particular item. For example, if you click on the link “AWARD-01” the detail page for that particular award will be displayed. Information on the detail page pertains to that one award only.

E. Breadcrumbs
Once you have linked to a detail page, use the breadcrumb navigation to return to the appropriate screen. The text in the breadcrumb will tell you which page you will return to. In the example on the left, clicking on the breadcrumb link will return you to the Overview page.

F. Action Buttons
When applicable, action buttons will be available. The buttons that appear will vary depending on you, your company, and your specific equity plans.

Button Function
Vesting Displays a listing of upcoming vesting sched- ules by award.
Elect Tax Payment Launches the Tax Election Process
Model Launches the Model Sell Process
Sell Shares Launches the Sell Shares Process
Exercise Grant Launches the Exercise Grant Process
Status (Accept, Accepted, Review, Reviewed, View) Launches the Award Acceptance Process, Review Process, or displays the Award Details
Certify Launches the Tax Certification Process (and appears only in an Alert)

Progress Indicators
When you launch a process, such as Tax Certification, a progress indicator will tell you where you are in the process. In addition to Tax Certification, processes may include Sell Shares, Exercise Grants, Request a Password, and others.

Page Navigation
If the data displayed in a list — specifically on the Gain/Loss, Activity, Key Dates (Table View), and Documents pages — is more than can fit on one page, use the page and record navigation to move between pages.

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