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Chapter 2

Step 1: Validation

Validation via Registration Email

If you received a registration email, click on the link contained within the email. You will be directed to a validation page where you will verify your identity by providing the following information:

  1. Enter your social security number, global ID, or personal unique ID
  2. Enter your company stock symbol
  3. Answer a validation question (i.e. birth date, hire date, etc.)

Note: If you do not know your Global ID or your Personal Unique ID (PUID), please contact your plan administrator.

Request a Registration Email

If you do not have the registration email, or the registration link on the email has expired (the registration link is valid for 30 days), click on the “Request a Registration Email” link on the login page.

You will be directed to the Request a Registration Email page and asked to identify yourself by providing the following information:

  1. Enter your company stock symbol
  2. Enter your social security number or global ID
  3. Enter the first three characters of your first name


If your answers match what we have on file, a new registration email will be sent to your company provided email address.

Validation via Standard Mail

If you received your temporary credentials in the mail, begin by opening in a web browser.

  1. Enter your temporary 11-digit User Name in the User Name field (provided in Welcome Letter)
  2. Enter your temporary 6-digit Password in the Password field (mailed separately)
  3. Click Go

Note: If you do not have your temporary credentials, please contact the Service Center (1-866-722-7310).

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