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Chapter 4

Step 3: Contact and Settings

A. Enter Contact Details

You must enter at least one phone number where we can contact you in the event we have questions about your account or any related activity.

  1. Choose the country for the phone number from the drop-down
  2. Select a type
  3. Enter the phone number in the text box
  4. Enter your personal email address (optional)

B. Set Language and Currency

Personalize your experience on StockPlan Connect by selecting your preferred language and currency. You can change your selection at any time using the drop-down menus in the global navigation at the top of every page. Your selection will automatically save between sessions.

C. eDelivery

If you prefer to have your account documents posted to the website instead of receiving them in the mail:

  1. Click the check box. A list of eligible documents can be found by clicking on the link “Which documents are eligible?”
  2. Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  3. Click the Next Step button

Note: Once registration is complete, you can go to the Profile > eDelivery page to choose the email address(es) where eDelivery notifications should be sent. Notifications are sent when a new document is posted on StockPlan Connect.

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