Mohamed studied Aeronautics at Brunel University and graduated with a degree in Engineering. In 2013, he came to Morgan Stanley as a summer intern in the Equity Derivative Solutions Group, FX Sales and Equity Exotics Trading and joined full-time in 2014.

How did you learn about Morgan Stanley?

I was introduced to Morgan Stanley through a charity event hosted by the firm where young people were given the opportunity to learn about financial services. The event was similar to a careers day and I was intrigued as I had never been in a finance environment. It turned out to be a great opportunity for my career and I grabbed it with both hands.

In September 2011, I attended a one-week placement with Morgan Stanley. We went to different divisions, shadowed employees and were involved in business challenges. I formed good relationships with people on the trading floor and they encouraged me to apply for the Spring Insight Program. From there I applied to the Summer Analyst Program and was subsequently offered a full time graduate position.

How do you explain what you do to people outside the industry?

We use financial products known as derivatives to help investors who have a specific type of challenge. Challenges can range from an issue related to a company’s balance sheet or the client wanting investment exposure to different regions.

You can think of derivatives as having a toolbox, where you take out and select different tools like futures, options and swaps, for different solutions. Morgan Stanley offers bespoke solutions to help clients trade for hedging and protection purposes as well as express a view across both equity and fixed income investments.

What is the most fulfilling aspect about your work?

A client will come in who is not sure how to solve a problem and we’ll guide them through the process. It’s gratifying when there is confirmation from a client that they are interested in a solution, “let’s follow up with this.”  Working on structured deals can create a close and trusting relationship and in some cases we become their solutions partner.

Have you found mentors here at the firm? How have they shaped your experience here?

Following the careers day, I was involved in an early stage mentoring program which was very useful in providing me with extensive advice on my CV, interviewing and presentation skills as well as encouraging me to apply for further internship programmes. New hires are assigned buddies and deans who provide strategic planning as well as career-specific advice. Informal mentors are always there to provide support and often these relationships are key for career development.

What advice would you give students looking to become a financial analyst?

Get a good understanding of how the business works, this will ultimately be the basis of good idea generation and innovative thinking. Build a good network of specialists and mentors, be a safe pair of hands and never stop asking questions!

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