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Chief Human Resources Officer

27 years ago, as a curious teenager, Mandell Crawley landed a high school internship on a relatively small municipal bond sales and trading desk in Chicago. Today, he sits in the global headquarters of Morgan Stanley as Head of Private Wealth Management.

A self-starter by nature, Crawley has spent his entire career at the firm, paving his path from intern to senior leadership with hard work, a collaborative mindset and an appetite for learning new things. Since being named head of Private Wealth Management in 2017, he has drawn on that deep well of experience, which includes multiple businesses and leadership roles, to refine a boutique experience that makes Morgan Stanley the go-to private wealth adviser for some of the world’s most exclusive clients. Crawley shares his insights on Managing Wealth With Purpose in this Morgan Stanley Minute.

While the key to success is rooted in the firm’s fundamental strengths and core values, Crawley also knows that the real differential comes through personal engagement. “This business is all about relationships and trust. We win by putting clients first. The brand of our firm is driven by our people. We are a relationship-based, talent-driven organization at our core.”

A Reputation for Deep Rapport

This same ability to connect got Crawley, a native of Chicago's West Side, an offer for a full-time job after his high school internship ended. As he was about to start college, the firm offered him the opportunity to work during the day and attend university in the evening.

While in school, finance wasn't initially on his radar. “I was always interested in becoming a teacher, but then I took an economics class. That class, along with the pull of the sales and trading culture, got me really interested in finance,” Crawley says.

He has never looked back.

Crawley cut his teeth in fixed-income sales, then honed his management skills in Wealth Management National Sales, and built a reputation for developing a deep rapport with his business partners and clients. “I’ve had a lot of opportunities at Morgan Stanley to learn and grow across many different roles. That’s one of the true hallmarks of this firm: It encourages people to stretch themselves and develop their potential—often in unexpected but extremely productive ways.” 

In 2014, he was tapped as Morgan Stanley’s Chief Marketing Officer. “It was an exciting role for me because I had spent my entire career learning about the firm, our value-add to clients, and our value proposition to society as a whole,” he says, adding, “It’s a privilege to take a world-class brand and have the opportunity to articulate the role that our firm plays.”

Things That Matter

It’s that emphasis on the core relationship business that has defined Crawley’s tenure as the head of Private Wealth Management. “We work with affluent individuals and families who want to invest their wealth with purpose. They care about their legacies. They want to make a difference,” he says. “We have the brand, platform and elite talent to help them address their needs.”

Since taking the helm, Crawley’s oversight has expanded to include International Wealth Management, which caters to non-U.S.-resident clients, as well as Family Office Resources, which offers an expansive suite of highly specialized services to meet the complex needs of ultra-high-net worth clients. Crawley also serves as co-head of the Institutional Client Coverage group, which provides middle-market institutions with research, sales coverage and execution capabilities across the Equities and Fixed Income Divisions.

Crawley’s success as a leader is the result of an innate determination but also an adherence to a set of deeply held beliefs. On his office wall, he keeps a list of “Things That Matter,” excerpts from which include:

  • People first
  • Everyone is included
  • Leadership matters

Having been mentored himself, Crawley firmly believes in offering guidance to employees across departments and levels. “We win in life with the help of others,” he says, a collegial culture that’s ingrained in most people he encounters at Morgan Stanley.

Crawley extends his giving back beyond the firm: He presently serves on the board of the National Boys and Girls Club and was previously on the board of Covenant House NY, which focuses on the fight against youth homelessness. “Helping young people fulfill their dreams is truly a personal and professional passion of mine.”

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