Katy Huberty

Managing Director, Head of North American Technology Hardware Equity Research


Katy L. Huberty is a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, Research Division. Katy joined Morgan Stanley in 2000 as a Research Associate on the enterprise hardware team and currently covers the enterprise systems and PC hardware industry.

Describe your current role at the firm and your responsibilities.

In my role as a Research Analyst, I cover US technology stocks and manage a team that helps gather market intelligence. We produce, edit and publish recommendations on a group of about 20 companies on a regular basis.

What led you to join Morgan Stanley and how have you progressed through your time here?

I came to Morgan Stanley right after college. I was a Finance major and had interned with IBM, but I really wanted to explore Wall Street. I started as an Associate and gradually moved into leadership roles over the years. Along the way, I have led diverse teams with people of different backgrounds and personalities.

How do you work with others on your team to put clients first?

To succeed here, you must be able to collaborate. That was clear since I started and is one of the top reasons that I have chosen to build my career here. Our success is always a collaboration. We work together and we win together. When our team gets information from or about a company we are reviewing, we sit together and look for ways to prove it right or wrong. When we see a gap in how our clients are thinking, we work together and find the data that helps fill that gap.

Where do good ideas come from?

Many of the good ideas we get come from taking a step back and listening to our traders, sales teams and our institutional clients, to get an idea of the market’s consensus. Once we understand what the views are, and any debates surrounding them, we do our own investigative work. When we arrive at a view that is opposite to the current consensus—that becomes an opportunity. At its heart, research is really what our business is all about. We shine or bring value when we present a different way of thinking.

Have you found mentors at the firm? How have they shaped your experience here?

I’ve had a long list of mentors in sales, trading and research, and I have mentored other analysts as well. Today, I am part of a group of other female Managing Directors across the Institutional Equities Division, women who meet monthly with senior leaders across the business so that we can all become smarter about the parts of the firm we know less about.

Mentors helped me each step of the way; it is part of the Morgan Stanley culture. If you come to the table with a collaborative approach, you will find an opportunity to mentor or be mentored almost every day. This is a natural part of the DNA of our firm.

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