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Executive Director, Investment Banking

Karan Suri, Executive Director, Investment Banking

As an Executive Director for Morgan Stanley's Investment Banking business in Mumbai, Karan travels around the world to help clients solve their biggest challenges. Karan earned an MBA in 2005 from the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore and joined Morgan Stanley in 2014. Today he heads coverage in India across the utilities, infrastructure, transportation, basic materials and autos sectors.

Why did you come to Morgan Stanley?

There are two reasons: the quality and experience of the team that I was going to work with, and the opportunity to join a platform with a wide range of products and expertise across geographies and sectors. I was really impressed with the team and their approach towards business. People come to Morgan Stanley and stay. When I was interviewing, I noticed that a significant portion of managing directors had very long careers with the Firm. Some of them had come onboard as analysts. That showed me that the Firm provides a challenging, stimulating environment, and there are opportunities for employees to grow.

What about investment banking really appeals to you?

I get a kick out of transactions, but what really motivates me is advising clients and solving their problems. When a client calls and says, “Thanks a lot for helping us and guiding us in the right direction," there's really nothing better. It's also challenging. I work hard and travel a lot, but if you love what you do, then you don't mind getting up in the morning and going to work because it's what drives you.

What kinds of projects have you worked on?

We work on the largest, most complex deals going on in the market for the most reputable companies. We helped solve complicated capital structure challenges for one of the most valuable companies in India; a client who also entrusted us their IPO. We do a lot of repeat business for our clients.

How do you maintain relationships with clients?

I travel a lot, around two or three days a week. I enjoy meeting different clients when I travel either domestically within India or internationally in Asia and Europe. I meet with clients a lot because it's important to get in front of them. That's the best way to listen to them and understand and address their problems and, as a banker, that's the best way to learn.

How does Morgan Stanley compare to other places you have worked?

Morgan Stanley is truly global. The Firm spans many different geographies. No matter the time of day, you can reach out to anyone if you have a question, and everybody is ready to help, whether that means traveling or getting on a call. Our competition recognizes that Morgan Stanley is a force to be reckoned with, especially when it comes to quality of advice and deal execution.  Whether it's in the deliverables you give clients, or the strategy and direction, the quality of advice is the most important thing we offer.  

Do you do any mentoring at the Firm?

People care about helping other people at Morgan Stanley. I mentor my junior colleagues to help them learn the skills of the trade so they can become more proficient in what they're doing. I get real satisfaction seeing them succeed and deliver on their responsibilities.

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