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Amy Oldenburg

Portfolio Specialist and Chief Operating Officer of Global Emerging Markets Equity


Amy Oldenburg is a Managing Director and Portfolio Specialist and Chief Operating Officer of Global Emerging Markets Equity. Before moving to the investment team, Amy was an emerging markets equity and foreign exchange trader. She has also worked with Investment Management’s product development and strategic acquisitions group.

Before joining Morgan Stanley in 2001, Amy was involved in business development for the marketing agency Arc Worldwide. She holds a bachelor’s in finance from Fordham University and also studied finance at the University of San Francisco.

How do you explain what you do to people outside the industry?

I’m the Chief Operating Officer of the Emerging Markets Equity Team at Morgan Stanley Investment Management. A COO is like a chief of staff. It’s a non-investment job that ensures the smooth running of a business. By handling things like new product development, new clients, HR, legal and compliance issues, I give the rest of the team the ability to focus on finding the best investments in emerging markets.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

There is no such thing in this role. You have to be very flexible, because the job description constantly evolves.

How have you progressed and evolved during your time at Morgan Stanley?

It helped being open to new challenges and networking within the firm. As a trader I showed I could talk effectively with portfolio managers about trading and markets, so I was soon given a position that was more client-facing. I joined Investment Management in 2001 and except for a two-year stint with the product development team, I’ve spent the bulk of my career in the emerging market space.

Were there any special elements of your experience or education that prepared you for this role?

Having been a sprinter and high jumper during my school days really helped me develop a competitive spirit. There’s a healthy level of competition in the team and many of us have some sort of sports background. In Investment Management, we’re always looking for people who can build camaraderie in a team.

What would you tell students interested in a career in investment management?

You need to know what your passion is and how to express it, but it doesn’t have to be asset management. Many students have excellent grades from wonderful schools, but what sets them apart? Morgan Stanley is looking for students who are well-rounded, with interests outside of school, and can bring value-added perspective to the team.

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