Wealth Advisory Associate Program

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Program Description

We’re looking for determined, goal-oriented men and women from a diverse range of backgrounds to become Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors in our Wealth Advisory Associate program. This program offers candidates who don’t come from a traditional financial or sales background the opportunity to gain additional support, guidance and time to network in order to help them succeed as Financial Advisors. If you’re ready to create financial opportunity for your clients and yourself, we can help you achieve the career you’ve dreamed of.

Our Wealth Advisory Associate program is comprised of 3 phases

Pre-Production Phase:
The Pre-Production phase lasts 4 months, during which you will be trained on products and services and gain exposure to coaches, training officers and branch managers. At the completion of the course, and after passing the Series 7 & 66 licensing exams, you’ll be ready to become a Financial Advisor.

LifeView Phase:
The LifeView phase lasts 6 months. Here you will receive guidance and mentoring from senior Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors, as well as rigorous sales training, access to state-of-the-art tools and services and hands-on experience working with real clients.

Lifeview+Production Phase:
The final 6 months of the program consists of the Lifeview+Production Phase. During this phase you’ll continue to support Financial Advisors and their clients, but you’ll also have the opportunity to implement the skills you’ve developed towards building your own wealth management practice.

The Wealth Advisory Associate program is an in-depth, concentrated curriculum that helps give ambitious candidates the time and training they need to build a successful practice. Upon completion of the program, you will transition into our 3-year Financial Advisor Associate Program armed with the ability and confidence necessary to take full advantage of your training.

The Wealth Advisory Associate program offers:

  • The opportunity to become a Financial Advisor upon passing the Series 7 & 66 licensures.
  • Proprietary training in Sales, Finance, Wealth Planning, Investment Strategies and Investment Products.
  • Financial Planning and the utilization of Morgan Stanley’s state-of-the art Wealth Planning Solutions.
  • Personalized wealth management guidance so you can help clients prepare for a successful financial future.
  • Dedicated training and support from senior Financial Advisors.
  • The modeling of multiple planning and investment scenarios and the experience giving client presentations.
  • The opportunity to begin building a wealth management practice of your own.
  • Competitive compensation including a base salary and incentive compensation for exceeding benchmarks.

Job requirements for application include:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance, Marketing or related professional experience in Sales, Education, Military, Finance, Legal or Accounting or other related business
  • Series 7 licensed strongly preferred
  • Working knowledge of Money Guide Pro (preferred)
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) or pursuing the CFP designation (preferred)
  • Excellent communication, presentation, time-management and organizational skills
  • Ability to listen to client needs and provide financial solutions
  • Strong community presence with a strong network of personal and business contacts
  • Authorization to work in the U.S. without durational restrictions
  • Successful completion of background check and pre-employment assessments

Hiring Process

The Hiring Process consists of 4 Phases

Phase 1
Candidate completes employment application, submits resume and completes two online assessments.

Phase 2
Candidate's application and assessment results are reviewed by Talent Acquisition team. Talent Acquisition team sets up phone screen with candidate.

Phase 3
Face to face interviews are held with the local management team. Candidate then completes a business plan exercise, which is reviewed. Upon successful assessment of the business plan, another round of face to face interviews is held.

Phase 4
Local management performs final evaluation to determine if an offer will be extended. Employment is contingent on background check.


The Morgan Stanley Wealth Advisory Associate (WAA) Program is a unique opportunity for you to explore the nuances of wealth planning. Through the program, you will learn how to fine-tune your skills so you can better help high net-worth clients uncover their long-term objectives and take the steps necessary to reach their goals. You will learn how to utilize Morgan Stanley’s state-of-the-art tools platform and by working with experienced Financial Advisors. You will discover how wealth management strategies can help clients better prepare for their financial future.

The Wealth Advisory Associate Program is sixteen-months of intensive training and curriculum. At the completion of the Wealth Advisory Associate program, you will enter into the Financial Advisor Associate (FAA) Program and concentrate on continuing to build your wealth management practice as you focus on your own clients.

WAA compensation has three components:

  • Base salary commensurate to your experience
  • Incentive compensation (eligible during six month Production phase)
  • Incentive bonus (upon successful completion of the program)

Notes: All compensation referenced herein is subject to applicable income tax and other wage withholdings.

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