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Placement and duration

The Wealth Management Full-time Analyst Program is a competitive program that provides an opportunity for entry-level employees to learn about our clients while obtaining the skills necessary to succeed professionally at the Firm. Analysts will work closely with either Investment Strategies, Solutions and Product Management teams or Wealth Management's Capital Markets specialists. They will gain a thorough understanding of the Wealth Management business and the full range of financial products and services available to our clients. Each selected Analyst will be placed into one of two tracks. The nonrotational Sales and Trading role, our Capital Markets track, is offered through our Capital Markets Division, which is the largest dedicated wealth management-based sales and trading function in the industry. The second role, our rotational Investment Strategies, Solutions and Product Management track, consists of three eight-month rotations that provide a holistic view of the wealth management business with the aim of broadening knowledge of the product and service offerings to our clients. Within the Corporate Management track, Analysts rotate through some or all of the following business areas:

  • Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Research
  • Investment Products
  • Marketing

Training program

The Analyst Program begins in the summer with a comprehensive orientation and training program. Analysts will participate in a six-week program that provides the technical and soft skills knowledge to succeed to launch their careers. Analysts are encouraged to take on responsibility quickly with a view toward developing their careers and contributing to the Firm.

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Responsibilities vary according to the track you are following.

  • Capital Markets: Engage with Financial Advisors around the country, providing them with timely Capital Markets Investment ideas. Pitch and develop trade ideas and product recommendations directly to Financial Advisors. Gain a detailed understanding of structured investments or equity capital markets.
  • Investment Strategies, Solutions and Product Management: Develop communications and marketing plans for Financial Advisors, Field Management and their clients. Work on important initiatives and projects across various teams such as Financial Planning, Business Development, Marketing/Digital Strategy or Field Communications. Analyze current processes and generate solutions to improve business performance. Meet with investment managers to evaluate market opportunities and products. Evaluate investment quality and consistency of Wealth Management products.

Qualifications/ Skills/ Requirements

The following are prerequisites for our acceptance of your application:

  • You are pursuing an undergraduate degree (junior) with a graduation date of December 2018 or Spring 2019.
  • You have a minimum 3.5 GPA.
  • You have basic knowledge  and a keen interest in finance.
  • You are analytical, adaptive, a leader yet team player, as well as a multi-tasker.
  • You possess strong oral and written communication skills.