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What is morgan stanley grad fest?

We’re determined to be as engaging, inspiring and informative as ever. That’s why we’ve brought together some of our most inspiring speakers, our most promising talent and collated some of our most insightful content… all with the aim of showcasing Who We Are.

In addition to a choice of insightful and inspirational live talks and recruitment-based events taking place on the main stage, there’s plenty for you to discover backstage too. Special guest, Bonita Norris, will also be making an appearance to share her amazing story and tips on making it to the top.

the line up

day one

Enjoy a live fireside chat with Clare Woodman, Head of EMEA & CEO of Morgan Stanley & Co. International Plc. Clare will share her career story and tips for success. Plus, take some time to focus on you and your well-being in our interactive wellness session delivered by wellness specialists Mind Apples and get the latest insights from our recruitment teams.

day two

Terri Duhon, Chair of the Board of Morgan Stanley’s EMEA Investment Management division and Board member of Morgan Stanley International, delivers a powerful presentation on how to empower yourself and how to manage your career in a virtual world. Tuesday's programme will also include a women’s roundtable event.

day three

Tune in  for our Sustainable Investing talks about the growth of sustainable investing. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to brush up on your skills with a Banking 101 bootcamp and some invaluable tips on how to navigate the recruitment process.

day four

Find out how our Sales & Trading business navigated the global pandemic and adapted to remain operational in unprecedented circumstances. Hear from business leaders, technology experts, Corporate Services and HR professionals in this must-see interactive panel.

day five

Imagine climbing Mount Everest at just 22 years’ old. Well, special guest, Bonita Norris did just that and is the youngest woman to do so. She’s also an inspirational speaker and is live on the main stage. Did you know that determination, resilience and ambition are key skills that we look for in our Recruits too?

how to register

Whilst we are no longer accepting registrations for the live Grad Fest event, we will be issuing On Demand  passes for those who want to watch our sessions on replay . To access an On Demand  pass, please click Register.

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