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Summer Analyst

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Placement and duration

The London office offers Summer Analyst Internships in Real Estate Investing and Infrastructure. Internships vary in length depending on business needs and candidate availability, though the Program typically runs for 10 weeks with extensive training, networking and various hands-on opporunities. Summer Analysts gain both business and organisational knowledge while interacting with colleagues and working assignments, attending social and professional events to network and learn about the different roles within Investment Management. Each Summer Analyst is placed within a team and assigned to a manager who provides guidance and mentoring.

Training program

London-based training begins in June with one week of intensive classroom training, including an introduction to Morgan Stanley, followed by specific REI training. Throughout the internship, youwill be exposed to business speakers and practical sessions as you continue to become familiar with the asset management industry.

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Qualifications/ Skills/ Requirements

  • You are a high-calibre undergraduate student in your penultimate year of study, with a keen interest in the financial markets.
  • You communicate effectively in both written and verbal English; fluency in multiple languages is also an advantage.
  • You are analytical, insightful, a quick learner, a leader and team player, a multi-tasker, and possess a strong work ethic and a positive attitude.
  • A demonstrable interest in REI or Infrastructure is an added advantage.
*Salary is competitive with excellent benefits.

Morgan Stanley London

In 1977, Morgan Stanley opened its European headquarters in London, where it now has over 5,000 staff. Morgan Stanley is one of the preeminent financial services firms in the UK, with longstanding client relationships and a leading role in many landmark transactions. Our professionals value individual intellect as much as teamwork. We offer nimble, innovative services and products tailored to our clients’ needs.

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Application Process & Deadlines

Candidates are encouraged to apply early. Applicants will be required to complete online tests within 48 hours of submitting an application.

Please note we may also have some additional off-cycle positions available throughout the year, depending on business needs.

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