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Off-cycle Internship

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Placement and duration

The Sales & Trading Off-Cycle Internship Program is an opportunity to experience the culture and atmosphere in the Sales & Trading Division by taking on some of the roles and responsibilities of a Full-time Analyst for a short period. The Program length varies between three, six or twelve months across our locations, depending on business needs and candidate availability. You will be assigned to a specific region and desk where your skill sets are best aligned, undertaking work which directly supports delivering exceptional ideas to our clients. There will also be opportunities to undertake additional projects to broaden your understanding, as well as improve the productivity and efficiency of the desk. Off-Cycle internships are available in a number of our regional offices.

Training program

You will receive on-the-job training and benefit from working alongside experienced professionals on a variety of projects.

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Analysts are hired onto specific desks where they remain for the duration of their program. Roles available in the Program include:

  • Sales people who manage client relationships by communicating value-added ideas to their clients based on their own opinions and the Firm's research.
  • Traders who provide liquidity for our clients and manage the Firm's residual risk positions.

Qualifications/ Skills/ Requirements

  • You have strong analytical and numerical skills that put you at ease with financial data.
  • You are results-driven, and perform well under pressure and against tight deadlines.
  • You are a proven team player and can manage a wide range of responsibilities.
  • You are committed to excellence in your work and maintain high professional and ethical standards.
  • You articulate complex ideas simply and summarise them effectively.
  • You have an excellent academic background and fluency in English. Ability to communicate effectively in multiple languages is an advantage.